Sogah Stool Dispute: Togbe Atsuga Sogah II speaks after winning Court case [+Video]

Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll, the Divisional Chief of Sogakope
Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll, the Divisional Chief of Sogakope

Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll, the Divisional Chief of Sogakope in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region speaks for the first time after he won a Court case against one Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi and Co at the Sogakope District High Court.

In an interview with, while narrating the outcome of the Court case, Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll said, he, together with his substantive Stool Father Zikpuitor Francis Sogah and Elders are happy that, the outstanding dispute around the Sogah Stool for over a decade has finally been resolved by the Court.

According to the Chief, the credible judgement passed by the Sogakope District High Court judge in their favor after many years of struggle has vindicated him, his Stool Father, Fievie Traditional Area, Sogah family, and the ancestors of the Stool. This, he said calls for jubilation and celebration.


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The Divisional Chief of Sogakope who was clothed in white immediately after the ruling expresses joy and excitement for winning the case. According to him, the course for their celebration is necessary and timely and will continue unabatedly.

Explaining how the dispute started a decade ago, the Chief said, when he was instooled as a Divisional Chief of Sogakope, “one self acclaimed Gabriel Dzamesi” who calls himself as Zikpuitor of Sogah Stool took them to Court on many occasions.

“While eleven years back, they took my fathers and forefather to High Court at Ho, and the case was ruled in our favour. Immediately I was instool, he came again shouting on Tongu Radio that, there is no King or Chief at Sogakope so far as he as Zikpuitor Gabriel Dzamesi (“Self acclaimed one”) is concerned. Before then, when I was instool, they took us to Sogakope Circuit Court challenging my eligibility. But, they were not successful” Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll explained.

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He further explained that, the Queen Mother of Sogakope Mama Mornyui Wui II and Gabrile Dzamesi took them [Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll, his Stool Father and the Paramount Chief Togbega Agama Amata IV ] to the Sogakope Circuit Court challenging the jurisdiction of the Sogah Stool among many but the case was strike out by the judge. They [Mama Mornyui Wui II and Mr. Gabrile Dzamesi] went to Tongu Radio and announced that, they have won the case. This he believes never happened before that a Divisional Queen Mother will take her Paramount Chief to court on an issue without amicable resolution and that Queen Mother is still at post as a Divisional Queen under the same Paramount chief she took to court.

Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll noted that, a lot of things were said about Fieve Traditional Area, Sogah Stool and individual personalities during their struggle for peace and unity in the area.

Meanwhile, the case was taken to the Judicial Committee of the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi. He told that, Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi and Co were served a summon from the Judicial Committee of the National House of Chiefs after they took them there but they refused to honour the summon. “The writ of summon was given to them but they declined and went on radio saying illed about my kindship and Sogah Stool.” He added.

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He disclosed that “The case started since 2019. Today, we went to the court and the case was rulled in our favour against Gabriel Dzamesi and Co.

“The judge asked Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi that, should l jail you are fine you. He kneeled down beging the judge to fine him and he will pay.” Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll revealed.

In an appreciation, the Divisional Chief of Sogakope used the opportunity to thank all and sundry especially Togbega Agamah Amata IV – the paramount Chief of Fievie Traditional Area and his Council, Paramount stool father Zikpuitor Awuku Doe Atakli, Awadada Manklolo Dagadu and Awafiaga Akortia Anuma IV and all the Chiefs and Warlords of Fieve Traditional Area for their support and counsel.


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In a separate interview with Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll, he said, information available to him disclosed that, a group of individuals are machinating evil against the Paramountcy, a plan he believes is sponsored by his opponents against him, his Stool Father, Fievie Traditional Area and Sogah Family after winning the court case against them.

He further explained that, the group is planning to create tension in the Sogakope Township against his paramountcy by using some information centres and Radio Stations within the area.

The Divisional Chief said, he is for peace, unity and togetherness hence, decided to use the law enforcement agencies to ensure that, the right thing is done. But to his surprise, his opponents have mobilized some youth against him and the Police, alleging that, he [Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll] is using the Police Service to intimidate people.

He has since rubbished the claims against him and the police and called on his youth to exercise restrain and must not do anything as his opponents are planning to create tension or chaos within his jurisdiction.


On Friday, 21st May, 2021, the Sogakope District High Court presided over by Justice Justin K. Dorgu rulled the case brought before it on the Sogah Stool in favour of the Plaintiff Togbe Atsuga Sogah ll and Zikpuitor Francis Sogah II against Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi and Co.

Justice Justin K. Dorgu, while giving his final judgement asked Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi to choose from being jailed or fine for his gross misconduct and contempt.

The defendant [Gabriel Dzamesi] pleaded guilty and appealed to the judge to fine him instead of being jailed.

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The contemnor Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi was found guilty of contempt of the Judicial Committee of the National House of Chiefs by holding himself as the Zikpuitor of the Sogah Stool when there is an Interlocutory Injunction before the Committee to restrain him from holding himself as such.

Lawyer for the Plaintiff Zikpuitor Awuku Doe Atakli of Kpatsa and Associates Law Firm in Kanda, Accra argued out the case by mounting a defence against Lawyer for the defendants Lawyer Korbla Hlortsi Akakpo on the case during the final determination in Court.

The High Court awarded a cost of GH¢2,000 in favour of the Applicants against Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi and Co.

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The High Court further cautioned Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi not carry himself as Zikpuitor of Sogah Stool and must not involve himself in any Chieftaincy issues regarding Sogah Stool of Sogakope in the Fievie Traditional Area of the South Tongu District.

In reference to available records, can report that, the case commenced since 2010 after the death of the then Stool Father Zikpuitor Papa Sogah where one Mr. Gabriel Dzamesi and others first took the Zikpuitor Francis Sogah II [Current Stool Father] and others to the Dabala Majestrate Court in South Tongu District of the Volta Region challenging the jurisdiction and supremacy of Sogah Stool and Mr. Francis Sogah who was announced the Stool father of Sogah Stool

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Our checks also disclosed that, the case was brought to one Togbe Agbitor of Sokpoe for settlement, the Ho High Court B, back to the Sogakope Circuit Court through to the Judicial Council of the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi where an interlocutory injunction was placed on the case and finally ended in the Sogakope District High Court on Friday, 21st May, 2021.

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