Mafi-Tove Chieftaincy: We’re the rightful owners of Ababio Royal Stool – Zikpuitor Ahorttor

Zikpuitor Emmanuel Adzah Ahorttor
Zikpuitor Emmanuel Adzah Ahorttor

The Office of the Stool Father of the Ababio Royal Stool, Zikpuitor Emmanuel Adzah Ahorttor says, they are the rightful owners of the Ababio Royal Stool of Mafi-Tove in the Mafi Traditional Area of the Central Tongu District in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Addressing a pressor at Ababio Royal Stool House in Mafi-Tove on Saturday, 13th February, 2021, Zikpuitor Emmanuel Adzah Ahorttor indicated that, they, the Stool Father, Kingmakers and Principal Elders of Ababio Royal Stool of Mafi-Tove do not know any other Chief aside Togbe Nyasor Ababio V, Chief of Mafi-Tove.

Togbe Nyasor Ababio V, chief of Mafi-Tove
Togbe Nyasor Ababio V, chief of Mafi-Tove

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“We, the Chief, Queen Mother, Zikpuitor (Stool Father) and Elders of Ababio Royal Stool house at Mafi-Tove express our profound gratitude and thanks to Togbe Brentua Asafo IV Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area and Head Chief of Aziewa clan Togbe Gadzo Owusu IV Head Chief of Akorto Clan, Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Stool Fathers, Headmen and the people of Mafi Traditional Area and the people of Mafi-Tove in particular for their singular and collective active participation in the outdooring ceremony of Togbe Nyasor Ababio V as the chief of Mafi-Tove in peace, unity and development on 9th January, 2021. We say with royal regards to you all “Ayekoo”.  Zikpuitor Emmanuel Adzah Ahorttor said.

Speaking at the press conference, Zikpuitor Ahorttor said, it has come to their attention/notice with surprise through the media that one Mr. Kpexor Patrick parading himself as Zikpuitor Kpexor Patrick of unnamed stool published that the outdooring ceremony performed by Togbe Gadzo Owusu IV is null and void since he, together with the three Wing Leaders (Avanutor) of Mafi Traditional Area have installed and outdoored Togbe Nyasor Ababio V of Mafi-Tove.

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According to him, they, the Stool Father, Kingmakers and Principal Elders of Ababio Royal Stool Mafi-Tove do not know Kpexor Patrick as a native, an Elder, a resident or hails from Mafi-Tove. The only Kpexor Patrick we know hails and resides as a farmer at Mafi-Kutime and not Mafi-Tove.

Mr. Tika Prosper Denuklo (Elder)
Mr. Tika Prosper Denuklo (Elder)

Explaining further, Zikpuitor Ahorttor said, the Tradition, Customs, Practice and Usage of the people of Mafi-Tove is that, the Stool Father thus; the Zikpuitor is the only person clothed with the authority to install an eligible and qualified person on the Ababio Stool with his Elders as Chief of Mafi-Tove. It therefore follows that any person purported to have been installed as Chief of Mafi-Tove without recourse to the Zikpuitor will be acting without authority since such an installation can best be described as nullity.

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“Whenever a Chief or Queen Mother is installed in Mafi-Tove, Togbe Brentua Asafo IV, Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area and Head of Aziewa Clan is accordingly informed. He or She is introduce to the people of Mafi-Tove for them to see and know their Chief or Queen Mother and later introduced to the Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area who then introduces him or her to the Paramount Chief and Chiefs, Queen Mothers, Stool Fathers and Headmen and people of Mafi Traditional Area.” Zikpuitor explained.

Zikpuitor Emmanuel Adzah Ahorttor speaking on behalf of the Ababio Royal Stool noted that, Togbe Gadzo Owusu IV Head Chief of Akorto Clan did rightly performed the outdooring of Togbe Nyasor Ababio V of Mafi-Tove on behalf of Togbe Brentua Asafo IV, Manklalo of Mafi Traditional Area and ead of ziewa lan and the three Wing Leaders and the 8 head clan of Mafi Traditional Area according to the tradition and customs, practices and usage of the people of Mafi-Tove.

Mama Gbemu Ameyisa III (Queen Mother of Mafi-Tove)
Mama Gbemu Ameyisa III (Queen Mother of Mafi-Tove)

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“We wish to remind Mr. Kpexor Patrick that he represented Togbe Asafo Buatri IV of Mafi-Avedo 1st Plaintiff in suit No E/13/06/2019 together with Togbe Anorba Sasraku IV of Mafi-Dzogadze as 2nd Plaintiff and Togbe Atatim IV of Mafi-Avedo as the 3rd Plaintiff versus Emmanuel Adzah Ahortor of Mafi-Tove as Defendant on the12th day of October 2018 to invoke the jurisdiction of the High Court pleading among others that the Defendant Emmanuel Adzah Ahortor is not mandated by them as Stool Father and parading with one gentleman as Chief of Mafi-Tove. In the High Court held at Sogakope on Friday the 19th of June 2020 judgment was given.” He disclosed.

He again disclosed that, the has Court striked out the pleadings of the Plaintiffs in its entirety and equally dismissed it. Cost of Ten Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH₵ 10,000.00) was awarded against the Plaintiffs plus cost awarded on the following days;

(a) 4th November 2019 – One Thousand Ghana cedis (GH₵ 1,000.00)

(b) 15th December, 2019 – Five Hundred Ghana cedis (GH₵ 500.00) it is adjudged that Plaintiffs do pay the Defendant the total cost awarded which is Eleven Thousand Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵11,500.00) which is One Hundred and Fifteen Million old Cedis.

Community Members of Mafi-Tove
Community Members of Mafi-Tove

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“You (Kpexor Patrick) was present in Court and represented 1st Plaintiff Togbe Buatri IV with the two other plaintiffs when judgment was read. Plaintiffs have not paid cost awarded even after notice of entry has been served on them. We want to tell Kpexor Patrick that he has no capacity or authority to speak on Mafi-Tove Chieftaincy matters.” He said.

“We do warn and hereby do that Kpexor Patrick and his cohorts should stop meddling in Mafi-Tove chieftaincy matters.”

Zikpuitor Ahorttor reiterating his pours said “If he (Kpexor Patrick) and his pay masters feel they have a problem with the Chief outdoored at Mafi-Tove on the 9th of January 2021, they must know where to go for redress. He should not reside in Mafi-Kutime come to Mafi-Kpokukope with his cohorts to open their mouth on Mafi-Tove Chieftaincy matter. They have no authority. Mr. Kpexor Patrick and his cohorts should allow and leave the people of Mafi Tove to live in peace, unity and development.”

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He therefore called on the people of Mafi-Tove and Mafi Traditional Area should disregard and treat with contempt the statement of Kpexor Patrick and his cohorts.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the press we confirm and assure the people of Mafi-Tove, Mafi Traditional Area and the general public that Togbe Nyasor Ababio V outdoored on the 9th January, 2021 is the legitimate Chief of Mafi-Tove installed, recognized and accepted by the
Zikpuitor Emmanuel Adzah Ahorttor, Kingmakers, Elders and the people of Mafi Tove.”

He finally said, “We pray to work hard to bring peace, unity and development to the people of Mafi-Tove.”

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