South Tongu DCE race: One position, twelve giant political apostles

South Tongu District Assembly signpost
South Tongu District Assembly signpost

In every four administrative years, a District Chief Executive is appointed by a ruling President who will serve as the Representative of the President within that District.

In 2017, after President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo won the December 2016 Presidential Elections, he appointed Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama who served as the District Chief Executive for the South Tongu District Assembly during the President’s first tenure of office.

Few days to another appointment into same office, after President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was declared winner of the 2020 Presidential Elections, a very tall list of personalities intercepted by alleged to have shown interest in the South Tongu District Chief Executive position described as “twelve gaint political apostles” have been leaked though nomination is yet to be opened officially. Information disclosed that, some individuals have already submitted their CV busily lobbying for the DCE position.


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The list includes the incumbent DCE Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama, some constituency party executive officers, former parliamentary Candidates, former assembly members, freelance journalist among many.

Though, it’s unclear why one position will be contested by key personalities in a political party thus; the New Patriotic Party (NPP) including the Constituency Chairperson, secretary, communications officer, 2020 parliamentary candidate among many, they believe that, it’s a peaceful contest and who ever wins becomes an asset for the party.

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The list as unveiled includes;

1. Hon. Emmanuel Louis Agama [Incumbent]

2. Hon. Stanley Dzifa Mawudoe [constituency secretary, Government Appointee and Regional Health Insurance Staff]

3. Hon. Agbeko Tetteh [constituency communication officer, Government Appointee and a teacher]

4. Hon. Francis Kenneth Diamenu aka Tɔgbe Kokloɣe  [senior communicator, former assembly member, freelance journalist/farmer]

5. Hon. Seth Kwesi Agbi [former party treasure, 2016 parliamentary Candidate and draftsman]

6. Leonard Banjoh Klogo [2012 parliamentary candidate and self employed]

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7. Elizabeth Segbenu [ 2020 parliamentary contestant and teacher]

8. Hon. Emmanuel Quarshie Kyekyehene [two times constituency youth organizer, government appointee, deputy regional organizer, regional organizer  and regional YEA Cordinator]


9. Hon. Simon Defor [government appointee and retired district coordinating director]

10. Hon. Joseph Wisdom Ahadjie [ district health insurance manager and 2020 parliamentary candidate]

11. Madam Grace Panyi Kutu Acheampong [constituency chairperson self employed]

12. Captain Jonathan Marcus K. Agbokpe [Ghana Prisons Service, former YEA cordinator south tongu, constituency organizer and  assembly member]

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A brief about South Tongu District Assembly

The South Tongu District Assembly was established by a Legislative Instrument (L.I.) 1466 of 1989. Its administrative Capital is at Sogakofe. The South Tongu District lies between latitudes 6°10’ and 5°45’ North and longitudes 30°30’ and 0°45’ East. It is located in the Southern part of the Lower Volta Basin and bounded to the North by the Central and North Tongu Districts.

It is to the East by the Akatsi South District, to the West by the Ada East District of the Greater Accra Region and to the South by the Keta Municipality. The District occupies a total land area of 643.57 square kilometres representing 3.1 percent of the land size of the Volta Region.

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The District is located within the coastal savannah vegetation zone. According to the 2010 PHC, the total population of the District is 87,950 representing 4.1 percent of the total population of the Volta Region. The traditional areas have their own unique festivals. The communities in the District fall under five traditional areas namely Agave, Fievie, Tefle, Sokpoe and Vume.

Agave is considered the largest traditional area among them. Each of the traditional area is autonomous with its own paramount chief and queen. The people of Agave celebrate an annual Dzawuwuza festival. The people of Sokpoe celebrate a biennial event called Tortsogbeza. Kporleza is usually celebrated by the people of Fievie while Afenorto is celebrated by the people of Tefle.



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