Profile of Agboni Nicholas Kelvin: SO-GNAT secretary aspirant

Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni
Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni

The Sogakope Local GNAT Secretary aspirant, Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni hails from Battor in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region, Ghana.


Agboni started his elementary education at Madagascar (Afram Plains) in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He continued his basic education at Battor Roman Catholic (R/C) Primary School (Battor R/C Cluster of Schools) through to the Battor R/C Junior High School where he wrote his Basic Education Certificates Examination (BECE) in 2008.


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Mr. Agboni had his Secondary Education at Sogakofe Senior High School (SOGASCO) popularly known as Lower Volta Varsity. He had his tertiary education at Akatsi College of Education (AKATSICO) popularly known as “Avenor University.” Currently, Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni is a professional teacher under the Ghana Education Service (GES) who was appointed by GES as a teacher in December, 2019 after he successfully passed his Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination and completed his one year mandatory National Service.


Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni served in many students’ leadership and other offices in Ghana. A few among them are, National President of National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) from 2017 to 2019, National Secretary of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG) during the 2017/2018 TTAG year, Students’ Representative Council (SRC) General Secretary of Akatsi College of Education, President of National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA) AKATSICO Chapter, Vice President of Science, Mathematics and Technology Club (ASMaT) during the 2016/2017 Academic year in AKATSICO.

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He also served as the Finance Committee Deputy Chairman of NUGS, Volta Regional Bloc from 2017 to 2018, PTA Financial Secretary of Rev. Sister Edgitha Gorges School Mepe-Degorme V/R. Agboni was a Technician and Branch Manage of God’s Love Natural Herbal Clinic, PTA secretary of St. Dominic’s Preparatory School, Battor among many.

Agboni also served as a member of the Professional Development Committee and Academic Board of the Akatsi College of Education.

He again served as the secretary of the SRC Programmes and Projects Committee and contributed positively to the SRC activities.

Agboni Nicholas Kelvin was also appointed as the secretary of AKATSICO SRC constitution review committee to review and amend certain articles and clauses of the drafted SRC constitution by the 2015/2016 administration. He worked effectively to ensure that, the drafted constitution was fully endorsed by management of the College and become a working document for the SRC.

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Nicholas Kelvin Agboni is a professional teacher, educationist, youth/student activist, a volunteer, award winner, public speaker and the CEO/Founder of Cover Ghana Company Ltd, a parent company of an online news portal under Cover Ghana Media Networks.

He is currently the treasurer of Battor Concerned Citizens and Development Association.

Agboni has served on many committees, boards, and councils and has gained recognition across the globe.


Mr. Agboni, in 2018 has been nominated by Showbiz Network for Cbaze Awards 2018 Academic Board for an award as the Best Student in Academic of the year category. He was also nominated by the Inter Tertiary Excellence Awards (ITEA) 2018 for an award as an outstanding tertiary student leader. In 2013 he was also awarded Personality and Career Profile by UK International Guidance Company and Cambridge Occupational Analysts.

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In November 2011, Agboni also received a Certificate of Honour, for outstanding performance in Science Department in third year Physics at Sogakope Senior High School, V/R.

The former National President of the National Union of Tongu Students and Associates (NUTSA), Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni has been awarded by the management of the three Tongu Education Directorates (South, North and Central Tongu) as an Outstanding Student Leader in Tongu, Volta Region and Ghana at large and someone who has positive intentions to develop education in Tongu.

He was honoured in connection with his influential, proactive, selfless etc. leadership leading to organization of educational programmes in Tongu for students. Records show that, Mr. Nicholas Kelvin Agboni is the first to be jointly awarded by the three Tongu Education Directorates as an outstanding student leader since the birth of Tongu.

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He also received a citation of honour endorsed by the Volta Regional Director of Education Afi Amafugah Enyonam (Ms.), Evelyn Araba Zentey (Ms.) – South Tongu District Director of Education, Mr. Henry Kwashie Hevi – Central Tongu District Director of Education and Mr. Godwin Amelor – North Tongu District Director of Education for his hard work.



Agboni Nicholas Kelvin is a selfless leader who seeks the interest of others. He is always determined to work hard in order to transform social lives of people through volunteering activities.

He has the passion to contribute positively to the development of education especially in Tongu. Notable among them were organization of quiz competitions, essay competitions, educational talks and seminars where teaching and learning materials, citations, certificates etc. were distributed to deserving students, schools, teachers, circuits, circuit supervisors and education offices among others. His administrations have awarded a lot of stakeholders including MPs, DCEs, District Directors of Education, Philanthropists etc in Tongu and beyond.

He has also organized free/voluntary teaching at schools in Tongu Districts, Free educational activities (Quizzes, Debates, seminars) for Senior High Schools in the three Tongu Districts and free health programmes within Tongu.

Agboni also used his National Service allowance during his one year mandatory National Service period to print certificates to support the 16th Basic Schools District Festival of Arts and Culture organized by the Ghana Education Service – South Tongu District.

Agboni Nicholas Kelvin as a dedicated personality and a slave of the pen was able to write a total of 154 different letters for AKATSICO SRC and over 200 letters/memos/press statements etc. for TTAG within a year in office respectively which yielded various degrees of positive results.

As a local TTAG general secretary, he volunteerily wrote several articles to the Ministry of Education, PRINCOF, National Accreditation Board (N.A.B), and University of Cope Coast, institute of Education, District and Regional offices (headquarters) to address some few issues affecting education in Ghana.


Tracing the path of excellence academic performances, you would see Agboni among many. He was an outstanding teacher trainee in the Science and Mathematics department of Akatsico. He also represented his hall (Ahiable Hall) in inter-hall quiz competitions twice and emerged the overall winner respectively and was awarded certificates of appreciation. He was also awarded Basic Digital Skills Training Certificate due to his skillful knowledge in IT.

Aside that, he represented Battor R/C Primary and JHS schools respectively during three (3) different Quiz competitions organized by the Battor circuit, NUTSA and the Traditional Area, and won First, Second and Third positions respectively. He also participated in a circuit examination competition organized for all JHS in the District and emerged Second. In 2008, he sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and came out with distinction.


He attended a capacity building, training and induction programme for National Service Personnel, curriculum workshop and training capacity for teachers in the
South Tongu District, a workshop and capacity training organized by T-TEL on new educational policies in Ghana, Accra where he contributed positively to educational issues in Ghana, relationship Seminars, Early Childhood Education Awareness Workshop, UK International Guidance Company and Cambridge Occupational Analysts, Conference for Personality and Career Profile, Congresses and General Assemblies of TTAG, NUTSA and NUGS.


He is a self-motivated professional teacher who is very skillful and passionate in research, communication and teaching. Agboni is keen in achieving positive results and equally passionate at how the result has been obtained (in the right and proper way).To him, praise for work is invaluable. He is a team player who cherishes transparency, accuracy, accountability and personal integrity as vital tools in leadership and management. The “self” words that best describe him are
self-confident, self-reliant, self-made, self-respected, self-motivated, self-starting and self fulfilled. Agboni Nicholas Kelvin is an analytical thinker and very strategic in planning. He also has the capacity of turning ideas into reality. He possess a keen sense of forecasting and predicting future outcomes, and equally an innovative and resourceful thinker. Agboni always challenge himself to be better and think
differently; as a result, he gives himself a personal motto “THINK OUT OF THE BOX”

His relentless services in Tongu and beyond have served the best interest of students/leaners, teachers/facilitators, the Directorates and the entire people of Tongu and others.



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