Sogakope: Police report on how Emefa Assasey was found dead and buried on cassava farm 

Scene of crime
Scene of crime

The Sogakope Police Service department has accounted for how an 18 years old lady Emefa Assasey was found dead and occasionally buried on a cassava farm under unfortunate circumstances at Bakpo, a suburb of Sogakope in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region, Ghana.

In police statement from: SUPOL/SOGAKOPE/DIST to C/SUPOL CRIME/VR informing DEPOL/VR AND C/SUPOL TD intercepted by said, on 25th December, 2020 at 10:30am, Beauty Assasey aged 32 years of H/NO unmarked Bakpo on contact 0249651974 accompanied by Christian Havor the Unit Committee Chairman of Bakpo walked to the charge office and former reported that, her niece Emefa Asase aged 18 years left home unceremoniously on 24/12/2020 at 5:00am and had since not returned.

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That today 25/12/2020 at 10:00am some community members saw the slippers of the missing person and a blood stain in a bush not far from the Bakpo Community, and all their efforts made to trace the whereabouts of the missing person proved abortive as such informing Police for assistance.

According to the Police. at 1:00pm same day, Christian Havor the Unit Committee Chairman of Bakpo accompanied by three others all of Bakpo called at the charge office to report that, at 12:40pm same day, the body of the missing girl Emefa Asase was found lying dead in a cassava farm about 300 meters away from the Bakpo Community as such informing police.

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Upon receipt of the information, Police proceeded to the scene of crime at Bakpo where the body Emefa Assasey now deceased found buried in spine position in a shallow grave about 2 feet deep and pertly covered with sand and cassava leaves.

The Police statement again said, the body was exhumed, inspected by Police and same deposited at Sogakope District Morgue for preservation and autopsy.

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The Police department promised that, their outfit shall ensure that, any further development will be communicated later.

D/C/Inspr. Michael Agbanyo – Incharge case. 



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