General Legal Council’s admission Policy is nothing but Absμrdity and Nonsense – Edem Agbana

Edem Agbana
Edem Agbana

The Deputy National Youth Organiser of the National Democratic Congress has cut the General Legal Council into shape.

According to Mr. Edem Agbana, the admission Policy of the General Legal Council is nothing but n0nsense and absμrdity.

Chief Justice drags Dr. Dominic Ayine to Legal Council for contempt


Edem further explained that before the prospective students took the Ghana Law School entrance examination, they were told that the pass mark was 50% but most students were denied admission eventhough they have passed the 50% mark.

Edem Agbana in tweet said;

“A thread on the General Legal Council’s s absurd admission Policy.

Apart from ABSURDITY and NONSENSE, what other adjectives best describes this decision by the General Legal Council.

Now, let me break it down for you point by point …

1. Prior to the entrance examinations, the pass mark which was communicated to the students was 50%. Meaning, when you get a total score of 50% in the exams, you are deemed to have passed and qualify for admission into the monopolistic Ghana School of Law.

2. Last week the results of 790 out of 2824 students were announced as the successful candidates. ALL of them had scores from 50 and above.

3. Yesterday, the results of the ‘Unsuccessful’ candidates were released and to their utter dismay, …..many of them also had 50% or more as their total score.

Categorically, 499 students passed but were denied admission.

4. When queried, this notice explains that, you must have the 50% separately in each section.

Ghana Law School
Ghana Law School

5. The exams structure was such that, PART A which was multiple choice had 20 questions with 2 marks each. So, PART A gives you 40 max .In Part B had 2 questions of 30 marks each, totaling 60. So part A & Part B gives you a total of 100 scores.

6. Per this notice, even if a student earns 60/60 in Part B, and gets 9/20 answers correct, he /she will have a total score of 78 (60+18), but is NOT deemed to have passed. Because, he/she failed to make 50% score in part A of the same exams.

This is CRUEL and the earlier the General Legal Council’s reverse this ABSURDITY, the better….

The students were made to sign an undertaking, which enjoins them to accept whatever result the GLC releases. Many of them are afraid to speak out.”



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