GES directs heads to appoint Dean of Discipline


GES directs heads to appoint Dean of Discipline

The Director-General, Dr. Eric Nkansah has directed all Regional Directors to inform all Heads of Schools to appoint Deans of Discipline.

According to the release, the management deemed their decision necessary due to concerns about the recent spate of disciplinary issues in schools and wishes to direct each school to appoint a Dean of Discipline to address those emanating challenges.


GES informed all Regional Directors to direct all Heads of Schools to appoint Deans of Discipline through elections.


As directed, the list of all appointees MUST reach the Director-General by Friday, 9th June, 2023 through the secretariat email ([email protected]).

Find attached, the job description of a Dean of discipline.

Job Description: Dean of Students

Job Brief

The Dean of Students helps lead the efforts to build and maintain a strong, positive achievement-oriented school culture. This Dean of Students position manages the behavior programs for the school and models how to establish strong, mutually respectful relationships with students and families. This position is a visible presence in all areas of the school and is responsible for all issues relating to the well-being of the students during their time at the school.

Reports to:

The Dean of Discipline will be obliged to report to the Principal/Head Teacher.



Bachelor’s required (Master’s preferred)

Ghana Teaching License


3-5 years experience in a school setting.

Behavior management or relevant experience preferred.

Special Knowledge/Skills

  1. Be relentlessly committed to preparing every student for university and the world of work.
  2. Possess strong leadership and team skills.
  3. Be a self-aware leader who knows how to treat all members of the school’s community with respect, appraises accurately his or her strengths and weaknesses, and is perceptive about how he or she is regarded.
  4. Have superb organizational and self-management skills and be able to handle multiple responsibilities effectively; have strong planning and execution skills; be a goal-oriented and effective problem-solver.
  5. Possess excellent communication skills (written and oral).
  6. Be a model of dependability and punctuality.
  7. Be driven to improve the minds and lives of students.
  8. Being dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help all the school’s students achieve academic success.
  9. Be passionate about academic learning and insistent on academic excellence and rigor at all times.
  10. Possess proficiency and/or the ability to learn education-related software including but not limited to, MS Office Suite, Google Drive, and Zoom.

Major Responsibilities and Duties


The Dean works to define and build a transformative school culture consistent with the core values of the Ghana Education Service. With the School Director, the Dean designs and implements programs that recognize and reward students; Devizes school-wide rituals that promote the culture and sustain the school’s values.


The Dean implements behavior management tools, including overseeing staff training in behavior management policies, techniques, and strategies, and ensuring the consistent deployment of such tools school-wide; meets with students referred by teachers for behavioral problems, communicates and meets with the student’s parents/guardians, and ensures that consequences for infractions are fairly and consistently implemented throughout the school; creates and executes a detention system for homework completion and behavior: looks for patterns of misbehavior and coordinates appropriate measures as needed with the school leader and other leadership staff, responds to acute behavioral issues; coordinates in-school and out-of-school suspensions, ensuring regulatory compliance; and oversees school safety.


The Dean serves as a resource to teachers and fellows on issues of school culture, classroom management, discipline, and relationships with students; and coaches teachers, tutors and staff in holding all students to high and consistent behavioral expectations.


The Dean communicates with students-meeting with, listening to, seeking to understand, and convincing them as appropriate and builds a support network for students. In addition to meeting with students, the Dean will develop school-wide programs to incentivize positive behaviors and create a school-wide identity among the students. The Dean will work closely with cross-campus teams to cultivate students’ cultural competency, growth, and development.


The Dean implements and ensures the school-wide use of information technology tools for reporting and documenting infractions, and ensures that proper records are kept of communications with parents regarding



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