GES interdicts Headmaster of Fijia Senior High School


The Ghana Education Service (GES) has interdicted the Headmaster of Fiaji Senior High School in the Western Region over an allegation of illegal fees collection.

According to a statement signed by the Head of Public Relations Unit of GES, the interdiction takes immediate effect, and the headmaster is directed to hand over the administration of the school to the Western Region Director of Education.

The alleged illegal fees collection in schools has been a longstanding issue in the Ghanaian education system.

It is believed that some school authorities and teachers often engage in the collection of illegal fees from students, which not only violates the law but also creates financial burdens on parents and guardians.

The GES has been working to curb the menace of illegal fees collection in schools, and the interdiction of the Fiaji Senior High School Headmaster is a testament to its commitment to ensuring transparency and accountability in the education sector.


“Management of Ghana Education Service has interdicted Mr. Kenneth Agbomadze, headmaster of Fijai Senior High School with immediate effect pending further investigation into alleged collection of illegal fees in the school.

“According to the statement, the Headmaster is to transfer the administration of the school to the Western Region Director of Education, and the investigative committee has been given a two-week deadline to submit their report”.



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