VIDEO: Ghana Police launches investigations into officers receiving ¢200 bribe from Uber driver

Ghana Police Service

Ghana Police Service

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The Ghana Police Service has launched an investigation into corruption allegations levelled against some of it’s officers in a video circulating on Social Media.

In the viral video that is making rounds on social media, a man alleged that a Uber  driver was stopped and harrased by some officers of the Ghana Police Service and made to pay an amount of ¢200.

According to the man who claims he was in the  Uber when it was stopped by the Ghana Police Service officers, the driver did no wrong but the police officers took his license and asked him to pay a bribe of ¢200 if he does not want further problems with the uniformed men.

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Following these allegations levelled against the officers of the service in the video, the Ghana Police Service says it has launched an investigation into the issue and urged the public to volunteer information to the service regarding the allegations.

In post, the Ghana Police Service said;

“The Police Administration is investigating the video attached to this post and its officers who were assigned to the Toyota Corolla vehicle with registration number GP 5040.


The Administration appreciates the “Whistle-blower” who took the video and will work with him/her in our investigations. The identity of the whistleblower shall be protected.


The driver in the video or any other person who may have more information are also encouraged to contact the police on the following numbers: 0244236266, 18555 or 191 or send a WhatsApp message to the Police number 0206639121.”




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