Ghana ranked 8th richest Country in Africa

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo
President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

The Republic of Ghana has been ranked eight (8th) richest Country among fifty-four (54) countries in Africa.

According to the report available to, out of the ten (10) top giant Africa countries, Ghana is placed eighth (8th) richest Africa country.

Per the records released by the authoritative office, Jubilee house, Ghana position as the eighth (8th) richest African country was marked by US$ 74.26 Billion.


Ghana’s position was queried by a lot of netizens where they keep suggesting that the country’s resources were mismanaged by the rightful heads that are supposed to function diligently. Resource mismanagements, corruption, wrong funding of projects among others are the elements that absorbs the intended ‘riches’ leaving the country face challenges.

Cote d’ivoire became the ninth (9th) with a worth of money amounting to US$70.99 Billion.

The last country was Angola holding US$66.49 Billion.

Meanwhile, Nigeria tops all Africa countries with US$ 514.05 Billion worth.

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Ranking the countries from first to tenth are below with their respective worth of money:

1. Nigeria US$ 514.05 Billion

2. Egypt US$ 394.28 Billion

3. South Africa US$ 329.53 Billion

4. Algeria US$ 151.46 Billion

5. Morocco US$ 124.00 Billion

6. Kenya US$ 106.04 Billion

7. Ethiopia US$ 93.97 Billion

8. Ghana US$ 74.26 Billion

9. Côte d’ivoire US$ 70.99 Billion

10. Angola US$ 66.49 Billion

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Some reactions from netizens on the list published about the richest countries in Africa are below:

“Did they take our debts from our assets?”

“So Ghana is richer than Rwanda and their president is still doing wonders than our president. Meanwhile some of your people said their press freedom thing was inaccurate and I guess this will also be same because you don’t agree when it comes to any rankings in the country.”

“A good leader is measured by the standard of living of the people he presides over and not how much he has.”

“And we are struggling for E-levy”



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