Ghanaians call for the prosecution of Shatta Wale for kissing a man

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Dancehall Star Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly called Shatta Wale is in tbe news again after he was seen k!ssing a man in a video which is trending on social media.

According to a Ghanaian called Albert Nat Hyde popularly called Bongo Ideas, Shatta Wale must be prosecuted because actress Akuapeam Poloo was prosecuted and jailed over an expl!cit material.

In a tweet, Albert Nat Hyde popularly called Bongo Ideas said “If Akuapem Poloo was jailed for sharing explicit material, Shatta Wale should also be prosecuted for kissing a man. After all, both reckless acts are unlawful.”


As expected, some Ghanaians are have been commenting on the images of Shatta Wale and the Man trending on social media. Below are some of the comments from Ghana.

  • Shatta Wale can joke on everyone but not Sam George. If he want his career to revive again he should beg that man. I know what I’m saying.
  • We’ve condoned Shatta Wale’s tomfoolery in this country and it’s getting out of hand. We’ve created a Demi-god who feels he’s beyond reproach. Even after spending days in jail, he’s not reformed his primitive ways. He’s a nμisance. He should be shut up for good. Tueh!
  • Tell Dampare again, he knows that to do ok.



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