GMB2020: Togbe Hanu-Fiator of Peki-Dzake endorsed Volta Region Rep Kafui (VIDEO) 

Togbe George Kwasi Hanu, the Fiator of Peki-Dzake has officially endorsed the Volta Region Representative for the Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2020.

“Makafui Matilda Freeman is our daughter and we have granted her the permission to contest for this year’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful Pageantry.” He announced.

The Fiator of of Peki-Dzake who was speaking on behalf of Togbe Dzeha III the Divisional Chief of Peki-Dzake noted that, Dzake is one of the suburbs of Peki traditional area in the Volta Region of Ghana. Peki traditional area has eight (8) suburbs. Dzake is the first town on your way from Accra to Peki and it’s a boarder town as well.


According to him, the population of Peki-Dzake is about 5,600 people. Peki is a farming community. He disclosed that, Peki-Dzake was the first to have received the Germans who trade slaves in Ghana. He further gave a history on how the Germans arrived in Ghana and were first brought to Peki-Dzake.

Fiator of Peki-Dzake further gave a historical antecedent of the area and some historic places including slave enclave, a traditional lake called “Hormbror”, Dotoe (a salty water) called spring water among others.

Watch his full video below.



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