V/R: Ketu South MCE clarifies issues on the presence of heavy military in the Municipality

Pursuant to information available, Coverghana.com.gh can report that, Dozens of security men from the military, Immigration, National Security have been deployed to the Volta Region border town of Aflao and its adjoining villages.

Many Ghanaian citizens in the Volta Region has expressed worry, fear and panic over the development because, they cannot tell the reasons for the deployment of armed security personnel to the region.

Some individuals said, the Volta region especially the boarder town has registered no conflicts or whatsoever to warrant this heavy deployment of security forces.


Some social media users also shared pictures of military personnel who were deployed to the Ketu South Municipality in the Volta region and their temporary residence.

In clarifying issues on the presence of heavy military officers in the area, the Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Elliot Edem Agbenorwu has explained reasons why the military men were deployed.

According to him, the deployment was as a result of people flaunting or disregarding coronavirus pandemic precautionary measures outlined across all boarders in Ghana. This he said was due to the porous nature of the Ghana-Togo boarder.

Read below his full statement.

The presence of the security in Ketu South is to protect the citizenry and to maintain peace, law and order in the municipality.

As you are already aware, Ghana’s land borders have been closed since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country in order to curb the spread.

However, intelligence has it that a number of people still use unapproved routes to enter the country.


We in the Ketu South have the effect of the recalcitrant individuals who normally aid people to cross the border through these unapproved routes.

The initial cases of COVID-19 recorded in the Municipality were all foreigners who were intercepted by the security officials via these porous unapproved routes.

Now, one may ask what about the number of people who succeeded in entering the country unnoticed?

How many people have been infested by these illegal travelers who might have been positive?

It is in our interest to be safe and in good health to ply our trade in tranquility hence the presence of the military and other security officials.

They are here to also help police our porous borders and numerous unapproved routes against foreigners who still finds way to pass to and fro from infecting our cherished people with covid.

The Assembly had earlier spend thousands of Ghana cedis to quarantined both foreigners and Ghanaians and on security.

Its unsustainable to continue to do so SOLELY as a Municipality even in this covid era.

External support has been sought and we have it. Thanks to the National Security Council.

All must remain calm and assist the security to protect us. We are safe and must feel safe.


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