GNAT issues resolution after 2022 National Delegates Conference

General secretary of GNAT Mr. Thomas Musah
General secretary of GNAT Mr. Thomas Musah

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has issued resolution after its 2022 National Delegates Conference held at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) from 2nd January, 2022 to 9th January, 2022.

The resolutions issued by the Association after the 6th Quadrennial National Delegates Conference on the theme: “GNAT @90: Surviving as A Reliable and Vibrant Teacher In the 21st Century”  are classified under;

a. Organization and Administration


b. Education and Professional Development and

c. Soci-Economic, Political and Gender issues.

d. Salaries and conditions of Service.

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1.1 That GNAT Headquarters should as a matter of urgency, complete the creation of the remaining ten (10) District Secretariats approved by the National Delegates Conference in 2014.

1.2 That orientation courses be organized for newly-elected Executive members and School Representatives.

1.3 That GNAT should provide permanent secretariats and duty post accommodation for the Districts.

1.4 That GNAT should advocate for the GES to recruit qualified teachers from deprived Districts and post them to the same area.


2.1 That the GNAT/CTF programme be expanded to cover more teachers

2.1 That GNAT works ha nd in hand with the GES and NaCCA, to expedite action on the provision of text books and all other logistics needed by the schools to enhance the smooth implementation of the Standard Based Curriculum.

2.3 That GNAT impresses upon GES to provide regular in-service training for its employees

2.4 That GNAT impresses upon the GES to grant study leave with pay to qualified teachers pursuing second degrees in Education related courses and be put on the next rank, upon successful completion.

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2.5 That GNAT advocate for Government to implement the policy of preferential treatment to teachers in deprived areas, when granting study leave with pay

2.6 That GNAT works with the GES to train teachers on the new Curriculum, as well as provide all teaching and learning resources needed in the schools for its implementation.

2.7 That GNAT impresses upon the GES to pay T&T/transfer grants to deserving teachers, promptly.


3.1 That the GNAT Housing Scheme should be reintroduced, to take care of the housing needs of members

3.2 That teachers fund should expand the politing of reducing processing period, to cover other Districts

3.3 The Cancer Fund be increased to five Ghana Cedis (GHC5.00). The treatment of other life threatening diseases such as Kidney and Hepatitis B be added, and extended to cover retired GNAT members.

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3.4 That GNAT considers bringing back the diaries to supplement other souvenirs to be provided in any year.

3.5 That Government provides scholarship for, at least, a ward of every teacher at the tertiary level.

3.6 That GNAT ensures that the GES provides accommodation for teachers in underserved communities.

3.7 That the GES ensures that culprits who attack teachers are dealt with expeditiously, to serve as deterrent to others.


4.1 That GNAT should collaborate with the GES to ensure that such legitimate entitlements such as responsibility allowance, vehicle maintenance allowance, transfer grant, the legacy areas, and all others are paid promptly.

4.2 That GNAT should impress upon the GES to ensure full implementation of all provisions in the collective agreement

4.3 That GNAT should impress upon the GES to conduct an infrastructural audit in all schools to ensure that the school environment is conducive for teaching and learning.

4.4 That GNAT should impress upon government to provide more accommodation facilities for SHS teachers on campus to enable them take effective care of the increasing student populations

4.5 That GNAT should ensure that a committee is put in place by the employer and Organized Labour to address the challenges associated with the Tier-2 Pensions Scheme



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