GNPC Foundation supports 4 communities with education infrastructure


The GNPC Foundation has undertaken significant efforts to enhance education and sanitation in remote communities within the Western Region.

The foundation’s initiatives include the establishment of educational and social infrastructure to uplift these underserved areas.

Among the notable projects are the construction of a three-unit classroom block for both the Yepimso and Ohiampenika communities, along with a larger six-unit classroom block for Atobiase.

Additionally, a 12-seater sanitary facility has been erected in Mumuni Camp, located in the Wassa East Municipality.

These projects are part of the foundation’s commitment to social investment, not only within this region but across the nation.

The range of initiatives encompasses the provision of basic school classrooms, modern laboratories, essential educational infrastructure, and scholarships – all of which contribute significantly to fostering an optimal environment for effective teaching and learning.

The GNPC Foundation’s support is underpinned by the belief that robust educational infrastructure plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of instruction, student performance, and retention rates.

By replacing outdated clay structures that were no longer suitable for their intended purposes, the completed projects serve as an important step towards fostering better educational conditions.

Operating as the sustainability arm of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), the foundation’s mission revolves around alleviating challenges faced by communities and enhancing the conditions for education and social well-being.

The previously underserved communities lacked proper classrooms and sanitary facilities, resorting to unorthodox methods in the absence of suitable amenities.

Opoku Ahweneeh-Danquah, Chief Executive of GNPC, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to the Western Region and its various projects aimed at improving the lives of local residents.

He highlighted the range of endeavors spanning sports facilities, dormitories, classroom blocks, sanitary facilities, boreholes, artisan training, and scholarships across all districts.

Nana Bukuro II, Nifahene of Wassa Atobiase, expressed gratitude to the GNPC Foundation for its contributions that have eased the struggles faced by these communities.

Recognizing the significance of the national oil company’s role, he stressed the importance of impactful social support initiatives that can inspire others to follow suit.

He emphasized that investing in human capital would lead to empowerment, skill development, and increased participation in economic activities, thus fostering broader development at national, regional, and communal levels.

The positive impact of the foundation’s efforts was evident in the success of students studying in the improved infrastructure.

With the newly constructed classrooms, there is a renewed sense of purpose and dedication among pupils, as well as heightened support from both traditional and parental quarters.

Ernestina Christian Badioo Adoo, District Director of Education, applauded the provision of enhanced infrastructure for Atobiase D/A Basic School, noting its transformational impact on the learning environment.

The new facilities are expected to create a more conducive setting for both teachers and students, thus promoting higher levels of academic achievement.



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