Government will roll-out E-levy beginning 1st May 2022 – Deputy Finance Minister

John Ampontuah Kumah
John Ampontuah Kumah

The Deputy Minister of Finance, John Ampontuah Kumah has stressed that government will fully roll-out the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy) come 1st May, 2022.

In one of the posts from the Ministry of Finance covered by, the Lawmaker of Ejisu said, for smooth running of the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy), the Government through Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has fast tracked infrastructure that will aid the collection of the intended tax, as stated through the various Telecommunication companies and other taxable transactions mentioned to be covered.

He also said, even though naysayers were expecting the novel revenue measure to be fruitless, Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Ministry of Finance and the Telecommunication companies have had a fruitful deliberations over the levy’s implementation which will come to effective in the few coming days (1st May, 2022).

To him, the deliberations they (Ministry of Finance) had with various stakeholders have helped address all the potential implementation concerns.

The sitting government’s wish to see the success of their developed revenue generation will happen despite unhealthy comments.

Government’s commitment to a smooth implementation of the E-Levy has not waned, albeit thr needless and often exaggerated propaganda raised by the key members of the active opposition party (NDC).

“Government is highly optimistic that the implementation of the levy will not suffer rollout challenges due to the thorough implementation review process.


A hotline will be announced to help address the challenges users will face in the roll out of the levy.”

Further, he stated emphatically that the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Telcos have agreed on various implementation modalities. Therefore, it is expected that all teething glitches will been identified, recognized and dealt with accordingly and quickly.

However, the Law maker echoed again that, all on net transactions will be on boarded by the Telecos starting from May 1st while a full integration of their systems will be completed in due course.

“The government urges all well-meaning Ghanaians to ignore the unsavoury and doubtful commentaries peddled by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) elements on the levy’s rollout.

Many of them, at best, are hoping and praying that the novel revenue measure never sees the light of day due to the positive impact the proceeds from this revenue measure will be used for.

“Government remains determined to fully deploy the levy for the betterment of Ghana. Let’s build Ghana together,” he added finally.



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