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Hajia4Real Age: How old is Hajia4Real?

Mona Faiz Montrage a Ghanaian-Lebanese socialite, model musician and a businesswoman popular known as Mona4real or Hajia4real was born on the 26th of June 1992 and is 30 years of age as at 2022.

Hajia4Real Nationality

Mona4real as popular known hail from two countries which are Ghana and Lebanon but was raised in Ghana. She spent her whole life in the northern part specifically Temale

Hajia4Real Education

Hajia4real who was raised in Temale started her elementary education at the north and later moved to Accra to continue her high school education. She then enrolled in Labone Senior Secondary School where she offered General Arts.

She also further her studies at the Art institute of New York where she studied fashion and design.


Some Fast Facts About Hajia4Real

Name  Mona Faiz Montrage
Date of Birth  June 26,1992
Nationality  Ghanaian
Spouse  baby daddy (Latif)
Profession  model,musician,business woman .
Net Worth  1 million dollars approximately.


Hajia4Real Children

Hajia4real has one known daughter called Naila4real

Hajia4Real Parents

Hajia4real or Mona4real is known to have a Ghanaian mother and a Lebanese father but their names not known for now.

Hajia4Real Siblings

Hajia4real is known to have five siblings of which they are male and she is the only female.

Hajia4Real Net Worth

Hajia4real has an estimated net worth of one million dollars.

OURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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