Herbal medicines do kill malaria parasites completely, ignore Dr Hanson – Dr Asilevi reveals

Dr Collins Eli Asilevi
Dr Collins Eli Asilevi

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Dawn Medical Centre, Dr Collins Eli Asilevi revealed that, herbal medicines do kill malaria parasites completely, adding that the public should ignore false and unscientific education given by Dr. Dorothy Hanson on herbal medicines.

Dr. Asilevi said this in a reaction to comments made by Dr Dorothy Hanson who alleged that herbal medicines do not kill malaria parasites, saying that the best they can do is to treat symptoms.

Dr. Asilevi was shocked and said, he does not know if it is ignorance on the part of Dr. Dorothy Hanson or it is a mere hatred for homemade solutions to our problems as Ghanaians.

Dr. Asilevi found it very strange for a medical officer like Dr. Dorothy Hanson at this time and age, to say, herbal drugs do not kill malaria parasites but only treat the symptoms.

According to Dr Asilevi, the news carried by Ghana News agency and other media houses provides that,  Dr Dorothy Hanson was educating the public to use only orthodox drugs for treatment of malaria as herbal drugs only treat symptoms and not the parasites.

The Medical Laboratory Professional, Dr. Asilevi said, what is even more disappointing is Dr Dorothy Hanson educating the public with such false and unscientific claim.

The Nyakotey University of Holistic medicine and Technology lecturer  said there are a lot of herbal drugs, certified by Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) which are adopted by the Ministry of Health and are inculcated in the 2022 treatment guidelines of malaria.

Dr Collins Eli Asilevi wonders how Dr Dorothy Hanson is practicing medicine without updating herself with the scientific guidelines adopted by the Health Ministry.

According to the budding medical lawyer, there are powers in herbal drugs, adding that, herbal medicines are potent and efficient in what ever they are licensed for.

Dr. Asilevi said, he will like Dr Dorothy Hanson and others who have the erroneous believe that herbal drugs are completely useless to educate themselves on the efficacy and potentials of herbal drugs, so they can add their voices to help in advancement in the usage of herbal drugs to treat local disease conditions.

He again expressed doubts if Dr Dorothy Hanson has seen a malaria parasite before, or care to know the pharmacodynamics of certified herbal drugs.

He retaliates that, there are a lot of scientific evidences that proof good number of herbal drugs are able to completely kill malaria parasites.

He said, “our appetite for foreign goods, foreign ways of doing things is shielding our potential to grow and develop ourselves in every sector.”

According to him, “about three(3) weeks ago, he tested positive to malaria, and he did the parasite counting with the help of other medical laboratory professionals, they were able to count, at least 803 trophozoites of plasmodium falciparum per microliters of his blood.”

He disclosed that, he then decided to treat with a certified herbal drug, a repeat of the test, confirmed that, he have no malaria parasites in his blood, and of course, just after 3hours of commencement of the treatment, all  signs and symptoms that prompted the test vanished.

Dr. Collins Asilevi is using this medium to re-educate the public on the false teaching by Dr Dorothy Hanson.

He reiterates that, Dr Dorothy Hanson’s message on herbal medicines is false, palpable lie, misleading, and scientifically inaccurate.

Dr. Asilevi encouraged everyone to embrace the fact that, herbal medicine do cure malaria and kill the parasites completely, one only need to test for the disease, and use prescribed herbal medicines by a licensed medical practitioner.

He also explained that people must make sure the herbal drug is certified by Food and Drug Authority as safe and good for the purposes intended for before being use.

The public health enthusiast, Dr. Asilevi also call on the government through this medium to make efforts to help fund research into herbal drugs so more herbal drugs can be certified to treat our local diseases.

He also appeal to the Ministry of Health to intensity efforts to make herbal medicine an alternative medicine available in all health facilities so clients can choose type of medical services they want.

This, he believes will help make it possible for individuals to reduce over reliance on foreign orthodox drugs.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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