Highlights of 24 decisions made by GNAT National Council for Teachers 2022

General secretary of GNAT Mr. Thomas Musah
General secretary of GNAT Mr. Thomas Musah

The National Council of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has made some twenty-four (24) key decisions among other issues for their members, teachers.

The decision/resolution was passed by the National Council of GNAT at its meeting held at Abankro in the Ashanti region from Wednesday, 26th October, 2022 to 29th October, 2022.

The National Council of GNAT, made up of the 5 National Officers, 32 National Executive members, 127 District Chairmen, with 3 Management Staff, and Full-time Staff across the regions were in attendance where the decision was made.


A Communique was issued after National Council Meeting, communicating its resolution to members of the Association and other key stakeholders.

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Below are the decisions GNAT National Council meeting. 

1. GNAT Death/Retirement benefit increased to GHȻ3,000.00 effective 1st January, 2023

2. The establishment of GNAT Institute for Research and Industrial Relations Studies ongoing.

3. The Sweden Ghana Medical Centre (SGMC) Board and the Cancer Foundation Board inaugurated.

4. GNAT members who retired Effective January 2022 are qualified to receive treatment from the Sweden Ghana Medical Centre (SGMC).

5. Three Regional and Twelve District GNAT Secretaries were appointed as full time staff to fill vacancies in the Association.

6. Corporate Assist Ghana Limited engaged as Company Secretary for GNAT.

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7. GNAT Provident Fund Scheme (Tier -3) was doing very well. Members were encouraged to enroll unto the scheme.

8. Regions were given up to April, 2023 to present statistics and feasibility report to the Headquarters for the creation of the remaining 10 new GNAT Districts.

9. The Committee working on the Conditions, Scheme of Service and Human Resource Policies for Full Time Staff of GNAT had not completed their work.

10. District and Regional GNAT Secretariats to ensure that their immovable properties were properly documented and original copies of the documents deposited with the GNAT Headquarters.


11. One teacher one Laptop: Teacher Unions have given GES up to 9th December, 2022 to supply the remaining laptops to deserving teachers or risk industrial action.

12. Leadership of GNAT making efforts for the refund of the GHȻ44.55 on the One Teacher One Laptop deduction.

13. Allowance for Teachers in deprived areas: Technical Committee had finished their work and would present their report to GES.

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14. National Council gave its full support to the Teacher Union’s opposition to the appointment of acting Director – General of GES , Dr. Eric Nkansah and the re-engagement of the retired Deputy Director – General of GES, Mr. Anthony Boateng.

15. Promotions (Senior and Junior Ranks) and Up-grading of teachers were ongoing.

16. A committee was set up by National Council to meet with officials of MILIFE Company.

17. Only One copy of approved minutes of each GNAT statutory meeting would be signed and kept as the official copy at the various levels.

18. Going forward, Regional and District Secretariats should organize monthly Officers meetings.

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19. The Financial Statement of GNAT for 2021/2022, the independent auditors’ report by KPMG and the Budget for 2022/2023 were discussed and approved.

20. The increase in Local grant from 5% to 7% was implemented.

21. Local GNAT Conferences would be held from February – April, 2023 across the Country. Headquarters Staff and National Officers to assist in monitoring the organisation of the Conferences.

22. As stipulated in the 5-year Strategic plan of GNAT, National Council nominated members to serve on the Monitoring and Evaluation team for the plan.

23. Vehicle Maintenance Allowance: Financial Clearance given to GES for 1,803 teachers to be paid the allowance.

24. Representatives of GNAT on Institutions, Boards and Councils presented their reports to National Council

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