NDC Oti Regional Elections allegedly marred with election malpractices

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The Oti Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Gyapong Kwadwo has been accused of engaging in election malpractices.

The Regional Secretary, Mr. Gado Yakubu, has indicated that the Chairman was seen printing ballot papers without the notice of the necessary stakeholders.

Speaking to Mr. Gado Yakubu, he said, “We were supposed to receive the ballot papers from National yesterday. As the Secretary, I did not hear anything so I decided to check on my Chairman to find out what the challenge was. It was in the process that we saw him printing some ballot papers at one printing press”


Gado Yakubu further indicated that an official complain was lodged at the Police Station after which the owner of the printing press and the Election Committee Chairperson were invited for questioning.

Speaking with the Election Committee Chairperson, Mr. Isaac Kwame, he confirmed the printing of some ballot papers but indicated that, the printing wasn’t ordered by the Regional Chairman as alledged.

“After receiving the materials from national, we went through and realized that, the Chairmanship ballot was short of one booklet. We engaged the Regional Executives with some Constituency Chairmen on the matter and we agreed to print the rest of the ballot papers” Mr. Isaac Kwame explained.

He was quick to add that, the presence of the Chairman at the printing press at the time of visit by the Secretary could have been because the same printing press was working on a banner for the Chairman.


“The Chairman wasn’t present when we as a committee gave the order for the printing of the ballot papers. However, I realized the same printing press was working on a banner for the Chairman and Samora so I believe that could have been the reason for their presence at the printing press” He added.

The Vice Chairman, Mr. Maxwell Owusu Siaw also indicated that, he had an information of the said allegation but is yet to ascertain the truth since his call to the handset of the Chairman of the Election Committee went unanswered.

Mr. Gado Yakubu has indicated that, the party leadership in the Region is having an engagement with the Council of Elders to find a better solution to the challenge.

Mr. Isaac Kwame has indicated that, a call has been placed to the National Front for provisions to be made for the rest of the ballot papers and the earlier order for ballot papers to be printed have been put on hold.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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