How to check wrongful deductions on Controller E-Payslip

Controller and Accountant-General's Department (CAGD)

Controller and Accountant-General's Department (CAGD)

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The Controller and Accountant-General’s Department is currently updating and upgrading its E-Payslip platform.

Is view of this, most Government of Ghana (GoG) workers/Public Sector Workers are unable to access their E-Payslip using their login details.

That notwithstanding, there a few who are able to login onto the E-Payslip platform and have since accessed their details.

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According to the information on the new platform, the November 2021 E-Payslip is not yet ready. But, Government of Ghana workers can use alternative means to access and check wrongful deduction on their salary.

How to check wrongful deduction of salary.

1. Payslip isn’t ready but you can check deductions.

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2. Visit the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department via

3. Go to wrongful deductions on E-Payslip platform.

4. Enter the month. Example, November.

5. Enter the year. Example, 2021

4. Select Submit/Search.

Controller introduces new changes on E-payslip and TPRS platforms for Public Sector Workers

The list that comes represents the deductions on your salary for the month of November.

NOTE: In the case of teachers under GNAT, the following deductions were made for November, 2021 under Wrongful Deductions.

a. Ghana National Association of Teachers Union Dues – GH¢32.84

GES wrote to us to deduct GH¢100 from your Salary – CAGD on licensing fee to be deducted from teachers’ salary

b. Teachers Laptop Deduction – GH¢509.55

c. GES Sic Life Insurance Policy – GH¢10

d. GNAT Cancer Fund – GH¢2

e. Teacher Mutual Fund – GH¢50

f. NTC Teacher License Fee – GH¢100

From above list of deduction described under the “wrongful deduction” are already known to teachers under the Ghana National Association Teachers (GNAT) except the double deduction of NTC Teacher License Fee of GH¢100.

Agreement signed by Teacher Unions for deduction of only GH¢100 from Professional Allowance

According to the teachers, the said, amount of money was deducted from the Professional Development Allowance paid in November 2020 prior to the December 2020 general elections.

Unfortunately, the National Teaching Council (NTC) has failed to issued the license for which the deduction was made. It came as a surprise to many teachers why they should pay for NTC License Fee twice in two years for same purpose which has not been achieved by NTC.



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