How to deactivate your phone number and name from truecaller database

Truecaller App

Truecaller App

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A Ghanaian Cyber Security Consultant, an IT expert and a political activist Mr. Yayra Koku has explained how to easily unlist or deactivate your contact details from the truecaller database.

According to him, it is very necessary for him to take the general public through this information following the distress calls he always receive from people seeking support on how to unlist or deactivate their phone numbers from truecaller database.

Narrating his encounter with some Ghanaians, Yara Koku said, on Wednesday, 13th October, 2021, he got a call from a comrade, and his issue was that someone has stored his name on truecaller and added NDC to it and is causing him to lose contracts. According to Yayra Koku, he explained how truecaller works and took him through the process to change his name.

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He again said, on 15th October, 2021, he got a message in his Facebook messenger from a lady accusing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) of using the SIM card registration to identify National Democratic Congress (NDC) members by adding NDC to their names and that she nearly got sacked from work because someone has stored her name on truecaller and added NDC to it.

“I told her this one de3 it is not an NPP issue. I took her through the process to change her name. After that, she told me many people have the same issue, so I have decided to use this medium to educate us all.” Yayra Koku said.


Truecaller is an app that helps users to identify a caller before picking up a call. The app collects contacts through crowdsourcing contact details from all its users’ address books if given permission.

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Other means is through partnerships with various phone directory providers globally, social networks as well as the Truecaller community. After collecting all the data, they run them against various algorithms to pick the correct name for a contact.

Focusing on crowdsourcing of contacts through the App installation.

For example, if you install Truecaller on your phone and allow it to access your phone contact directory, the app will save all your contacts in the Truecaller Database.

So if you have for instance stored Dzifa Gunu’s name as “Dzifa Gunu Womaniser” on your phone, there is the likelihood for Truecaller to save his name in the database as “Dzifa Gunu Womaniser” (Algorithm). This means if Dzifa calls anyone who has not stored his name on the phone, that name will appear. That is one disadvantage.

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If you want to change your name on truecaller, there are two ways to do this. Alternatively, you can decide to unlist or remove your contact from their database.

To change your name from truecaller, you will need to install the app and go through the verification process, like how you install Whatsapp. After successful verification, you can click on your profile and change your name. Your name is changed permanently because you have done it against your number and gone through the verification process.

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The other option is through their community platform, where you will suggest a name for your contact, but that can’t be assured.

You can also unlist or deactivate your contact details from their database by visiting this site, but if you are a user, you will need to deactivate on your phone before proceeding to the site to unlist your contact.

According to Yayra Koku, he will always prefer you install the App, change your name, deactivate your account before proceeding to unlist your contact. Don’t forget truecaller uses various algorithms in collecting data and deactivating them too.



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