Hussein el-Husseini Cause of Death, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Children

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Hussein el-Husseini was born as Sayyid Hussein el-Husseini. He was a great Lebanese Politician who helped his country, Lebanon in many diverse ways before his sudden death on 11th January 2023 in Beirut, Lebanon.

He commenced his political ambition at an early age. At age 18 in Shmustar, his hometown, he was the Mayor. Fastforward at age 35, he was elected as the Member of Parliament (1972).

El-Hussein manned the Parliamentary Commission of Public Works and Hydroelectric Resources (1972-1973).

He was a member of the parliamentary financial and budgetary commission since 1972.

After six (6) years into his elected position in 1972, he became the Secretary General for his political party, Amal Movement in 1978 but unfortunately, he stepped down from the office  on 17th June 1980.

El-Hussein was elected by the Members of Parliament in October 1984 as the Speaker of the Parliament. He reigned for two (2) consecutive terms (4 years each) which ended in October 1992.

“In 1989, while in office, el-Husseini orchestrated and presided over the Taif Agreement, held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which led to the end of the Lebanese Civil War (1975–1990). He is considered to be the father of the agreement. Husseini is also credited with revoking both the Cairo Agreement and the May 17 Agreement.”

Hussein el-Husseini Age 

Hussein el-Husseini was born in Zahlé, Lebanon. He died at age age 85.

Name Hussein el-Husseini
Date of Birth 15th April 1937
Nationality  Lebanese
Spouse  Not known*
Profession  Politician
Net Worth $10 Million


Hussein el-Husseini Net Worth 

Hussein el-Husseini has a net worth of $10 Million. He garnered his net worth from his political career mostly including other things he did when he was alive.

Hussein el-Husseini Wife 

The wife of Hussein el-Husseini the Lebanese Politician is not known to the public as of his death.

Hussein el-Husseini Children 

Hussein el-Husseini’s children are not known. Details about his family is not known as of his death.

Hussein el-Husseini Cause of Death 

Reports said Hussein el-Husseini the Lebanese Politician died from extreme/intense flu on 11th January 2023 at the American University Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon. Reports have it that the Lebanese Politician was admitted on 3rd January 2023. His death news was affirmed by his granddaughter.

Hussein el-Husseini Net Worth 

Before the demise of Hussein el-Husseini the Lebanese Politician, his net worth was $10 million. It is believed that a chunk of his fortune was made from his political career.


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