I would have stayed with Manchester City even if dropped to League two

Manchester City Pep, Guardiola have made it clear to his club officials that, he isn’t ready to sign a new deal at the moment.

The manger who was under pressure by management officials to tell out his new plans or contract with the future is of the view that, football in the pitch, should be the only thing they should focus on now.

He added that, he had no plans to leave the club at the moment. Even if the club was demoted to League two of English football, he would still be with City.


Manchester City who was under a possible ban from UEFA for breaching the financial fair play rules and have now been given the mandate to play subsequent Champions League.

Kelvin De Bruyne also, before the verdict hinted that, a two years ban by UEFA would see him take decisions about his future with the club, but Guardiola believes this moment is not appropriate to discuss new contracts. The most import is what to do on the football field.


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