Ibrahim Sannie Daara advises Mohammed Kudus marry early and avoid slay queens

Mohammed Kudus
Mohammed Kudus

In a recent Twitter post, former Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Ibrahim Sannie Daara, offered some valuable advice to the talented Ghanaian footballer, Mohammed Kudus, as he embarks on his journey with West Ham United.

Kudus, a young playmaker with immense potential, has garnered attention both domestically and internationally for his impressive skills on the football field.

Recognizing the potential challenges that young athletes may face in their careers, Daara shared a 16-point guide aimed at helping Kudus navigate the complexities of professional football.

One of the standout pieces of advice that Daara provided was a suggestion for Kudus to follow in the footsteps of Ghanaian football legends Abedi Ayew Pele and Stephen Appiah by considering early marriage and avoiding the distractions of “slay queens.”

According to Daara, “One of the pitfalls for several ex-African footballers is excessive womanizing. Those who married early stayed grounded and were successful. Good examples are Abedi Pele and Stephen Appiah.”

The former BBC journalist, who has a deep understanding of the football landscape in Ghana and beyond, also urged Kudus to prioritize his family, work hard, and listen to his coaches.

Daara emphasized the importance of staying focused and avoiding potential pitfalls that can hinder a player’s career and personal life.

Furthermore, Daara offered valuable insights into the potential challenges that come with fame and fortune, especially in the world of professional sports.

He cautioned Kudus about the allure of social media, where glamorous images may not accurately reflect a person’s true character.

Daara remarked, “The mind-blowing photos of women on social media don’t show their true character. You must know that most of them are attracted to you because of your fame and perceived fortune.”

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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