It Appears the only reason why floating voters would vote for NDC is because they are Unhappy or Dislike NPP – Counsellor Daniel Fenyi’s Open letter To NDC

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Dear NDC,

1.It appears the only reason any floating voter should vote for you is if they dislike or are unhappy about the NPP.

2. Well, maybe a political science professor can explain how logical that works. I am Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, an educationist and counsellor.

3. The concerns I raise below, I believe, might be a cursory representation of the average Ghanaian’s feeling about the NDC and I hope they shape your public disposition henceforth.

4. In Ghana, “personality” is an integral part of the seriousness people attach to issues. For example, the average Ghanaian literate class will listen to a Kwesi Botchwey or a John Gatsi response to a Bawumia comment than an Adongo’s. Can you hibernate the likes of Okudzeto, Kwakye, Gyamfi, etc at least, for now? You produced for Ghana the first Professor president and I know you have several intellectually integrous people. Pay some attention to the “personalities” you front.

5. The most popular Ghanaian now is Akufo Addo, just as it was Mahama in 2016. The NPP, with the popularity advantage, has gone ahead to name their Campaign team. Asiedu Nketsiah and your communicators, anytime they are asked about the NDC’s running mate, contends that the NPP does not even have a flagbearer. Look, NDC is too much all over the place. Can you be a little strategic? In the face of any right thinking Ghanaian, it’s like you don’t really know what you are about. No message, no running mate, no clear plan, NOTHING! It’s like the only reason any floating voter must choose you is when they dislike the NPP!

6. The Covid’19 has become the “new normal” campaign platform. On this “new normal” platform, Akufo Addo has given “take away” messages like free/reduced light and water bills, 88 new hospitals, posting of environmental health workers, etc even if they are false. Mahama has equally mounted similar virtual platforms, but has there been any ‘take away’ message? NO. Please, work on “catch phrase”, it’s a relevant part of political communication.

7. I like your Covid’19 Team membership, very great personalities and astute academicians, even though they’ve done nothing impactful yet. Can you intentionally “scout” for more of such people? I mean, intentionally build a strong “intellectual force” who can appeal to the critical mass and, the propagandist boys who’ll muddy the waters and sweep the non-critical.


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8. You have sacked Allotey Jacobs, honestly, it’s a great decision. The man was almost doing the bidding of the NPP. Can you intentionally raise intellectually strong “neutrals” with affinity to the party to do your bidding just as Kweku Baako is doing for the NPP? Raise such people! In fact, NDC, you need to sit down and JUST think! How many CSOs do you have? Find a way to reach the political apathetics.

9. How are you mobilising your TEIN groups? Yes, tertiary institutions are on break for obvious reason but I believe you can still do something with TEIN. Mobilise them for action. They are youthful and active and internet freaks. You can use them to push the virtual agenda.

10. The scandals around your flagbearer are one too many. Work on them. In politics, “perception”, not necessarily the “truth” is enough to win or lose to elections. Give Ghanaians “issues”, not mere “presence or noise”, so we can compare parties well.

Yours truly,
Counsellor Daniel Fenyi,


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