Jean Mensa’s EC in conspiracy with NIA to rig December 2020 polls – NDC


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has accused the Electoral Commission of Ghana for exploring avenues to rig the December 2020 polls

In a statement issued by the NDC, they have outlined certain means the Electoral Commission is exploiting to rig the general elections, and said the EC is determined on disenfranchising millions of Ghanaians in the upcoming general elections by accepting only Ghana Card and Passport meanwhile, many Ghanaians do not have such documents.

“Why is Jean Mensa and the Electoral Commission bent on disenfranchising millions of eligible Ghanaians in the 2020 elections?” They asked.

The NDC also alleged that, the Electoral Commission is deliberately denying Ghanaians by accepting only the ECOWAS card and Passport as requirements for one to acquire a voter identification card to be able to vote during the general elections.

“The insistence on accepting only the Ghana Card and Passport as eligibility documents for a new voter ID card is nothing but an attempt to supress votes in strongholds of the NDC.” They lamented.

The NDC also alleged that, there is a conspiracy between the Electoral Commission of Ghana and the National Identification Authority to capture a lower number of people within the NDC’s strongholds, which they said will affect them during the general elections.

“The NIA data shows clearly that a far lower number of people have been captured and issued with the Ghana cards in the NDC’s strongholds.” The NDC disclosed.

“There are over 15 million Ghanaians with valid voter ID cards compared to passports and Ghana card holders.”

Meanwhile, the Communication Officer of the NDC Mr. Sammy Gyamfi said, the Electoral Commission of Ghana has presented a document to Eminent Advisory Board, IPAC and political parties which is different from what the EC has outlined recently as eligibility for acquiring voter ID cards for the 2020 polls.


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