Jodie Foster Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Son, Parents, Movies

Jodie Foster Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Son, Parents, Movies
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Jodie Foster Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Son, Parents, Movies; Alicia Christian known better as ‘Jodie’ Foster is an an American renowned filmmaker and actress.

Joedie Foster became famous when she won two academy awards, three British academy awards and the hononary celil B. Dimille awards. The filmmaker was also nominated as manager for the ‘Primetime Emmy Awards’.

Jodie stopped acting as a result to perused her education at the Yale University where she studied literature in African -American. Even though her own mother Evelyn Ella Almond was not in support of her decision as she thought Foster decision to leave the acting to further her education will a long way to ruin her career in the film industry.

Jodie Foster Age: How old is Jodie Foster?

Jodie Foster the renowned filmmaker and actress was born on the 19th of November, 1962 in Los Angeles, United States.

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Jodie Foster Height and Weight

She is measured 5 ft 3 which about 1.6 meters tall and weighs 55kg

Jodie Foster Nationality

Joedie is American. He was born in Los Angeles, United States.

Jodie Foster Instagram

The filmmaker have active Instagram account which have about 51k followers. @jodiefosterworld

Some Fast Facts About Jodie Foster Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Son, Parents, Movies

Name  Alicia Jodie foster wiki 
Date of Birth  19/11/1962
Nationality  American 
Spouse  Alexandra Hedison
Profession  Filmmaker, actress 
Net Worth  $13m


Jodie Foster Education

Foster had excelled academically from a young age and graduated from Yale University with a magna  cum laude degree in African American literature in 1980. After graduating, she struggled to transition into more mature roles until her appearance in “The Accused” (1980), for which she won her first Oscar.

Jodie Foster Wife: Who is Jodie Foster’s wife?

The actress got married to Alexandra Hedson in 2014 with her long time boyfriend who is a photo Grapher.

Did Jodie Foster have a baby? Jodie Foster Children

The actress have two children with his husband. Kit Bernard Foster and Charles Forster

Jodie Foster Parents

The renowned American actress and filmmaker was to by Lucius  Fishes Foster III her father and Evelyn Ella Almond being the mother.

Jodie Foster Siblings

Jodie have siblings and their names  are Buddy Foster, Cindy foster, Amy Foster and Connie Foster.

Jodie Foster Net Worth

Jodie Foster worth is estimated $13 million. Her wealth is attributed to her hard work as a filmmaker and well as an actress.

Jodie Foster Movies

The actress have a number of movies she worked on, and some of them are, ‘ Home of the holidays’, ‘ Little Man Tate’, ‘Money Monster’, ‘The Beaver’ just to mention few.



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