Joy News journalist Isreal Laryea discloses why he has been off TV

Isreal Laryea
Isreal Laryea

TV/Radio news anchor, show host and voice talent Isreal Laryea has explained why he has temporarily vacated post.

According to the Joy News journalist Isreal Laryea, he has been off Television show recently due to another role as influencer marketing.

He indicated that quite a number of people especially, his fans and followers have enquired why they haven’t seen him on TV in a while and he feels you deserve some explanation seeing that he may be away for at least a few more weeks, if not months.


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Explaining the reasons, Isreal Laryea said,

“I got an opportunity to be part of a challenge to transform the way we do influencer marketing in Ghana and I thought why not? I’ve been in the media since March 1999 and acquired quite a decent following on social media, so why not be a part of shaping the space in a way that brands and businesses can get their monies worth when they engage influencers?”

“After two months of engagements I convinced some brands to come onboard so we can change the face of influencer marketing not just in Ghana, but across Africa.”

“If you see yourself as an influencer or wish to be one, log on to and let’s have your details in our database.”

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“Our first initiative seeking to change the face of influencer marketing is a reality show of a sort sitting on social media, that is, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter featuring six influencers who are going to have fun for three days this Easter Weekend in what we call #TravelXAbetifi. All you have to do is to get enough data to follow the fun our influencers will be having this weekend.”

“I’d be sharing details in subsequent posts, so stay tuned-in by pinning this page to the top of your feed while also sharing.”

“So yes, this is why I’ve been off TV in the last couple of months. It is of course with the blessing of my CEO, KT and COO, Ken Ansah. Yeah, I know. Not too many people will get such an opportunity.”

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