June 4th uprising is worth observing – Richard Senna

A Lecturer at the Evangelical Presbyterian University in Ho has said uprising and the calling for the blood to flow was due to the corrupt nature of our leaders, bad governance, indiscipline, joblessness at that time.

He said it was a national call with support from all walks of life . He disclosed this on Dela radio morning show dubbed “Volta must know “ hosted by Christopher Pappoe.

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According to him, the youth, lawyers , civil servants journalists and all Ghanaians had lost hope in the military leadership before and during the leadership of General Acheampong.


Mr. Richard Senna said, June 4th uprising is worth observing as a nation to make recent generations learn from the past since the history of Ghana seems to be dying and also for the Ghanaian children to learn the spirit of self help and good governance . “ The uprising came with the good and the bad and that must be a lesson for the recent generation ”. He said


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it was very wrong to take people’s life because they were alleged to be corrupt but added that the uprising came as a necessary evil in 1979. Mr. Senna added that, the coup d’etat was wrong because families lost their loved ones and people’s jobs and businesses were lost .

In conclusion, he noted that, it took a long time for investors to come back to Ghana and that coup d’etat and violent uprisings brought bad name to a nation and ;“ should not be encouraged in any democratic dispensation “.

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  1. Is everything alright today? What about people who are able to buy 2 Land Cruisers, 2 Pick-Ups and houses for working as party organisers for only 4 years? June 4 uprising was only created for some selected few to amass wealth, otherwise people who had genuinely taken loans would not be shot and killed only for others to come and make dubious money.

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