Kwadwo Sheldon leaves Social Media, says he does not like the way his name is everywhere

Ghanaian content Creator Kwadwo Sheldon has hinted on taking a break off social media or Twitter, Facebook et all.

According to him—Kwadwo Sheldon, he does not like the way his name has become popularly in the country.

The Ghanaian content Creator has been in the news following reports that he has been warned by Pastor Sonnie Badu to respect himself.

Following these reports, Kwadwo Sheldon says he wants to ‘go ghost’ for sometime since he does not like the way his name is all over on social media and in the news.


Since Kwadwo Sheldon has expressed his desire to ‘go ghost for sometime’ it is very likely that the Duku gang boss will be leaving Social Media for sometime before returning.

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In a tweet, Kwadwo Sheldon said;

“I need to go ghost for some time…I dont like how my name is everywhere. 🤦🏿‍♂️”



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