Lady Ophelia charges the youths of Upper East region to get registered for change

Lady Ophelia
Lady Ophelia

Lady Ophelia has charged the youths of upper East region to get registered for change.

Lady Ophelia as she is often called, the deputy regional secretary for the NDC in the upper East region has called the youths from her region (upper East) from various tertiary institutions to her official residence at Accra.

At the meeting, she made it known to the youths that, the only hope left for their region’s development and Ghana at large is to bring NDC back into power in order to finish the ongoing projects which was started in the erstwhile Mahama administration at the region.

She also encouraged the youths to reach out to their young ones who has attained 18 years and has not yet registered for their voters ID to do so, so they can bring the party back to power 2024.

Lady Ophelia again assured that she is going to work hand in hand together with the constituency and regional executive in delivering the agenda 16 over 16 seats for the NDC in the upper East region.

According to her, she will work purposely and support the executive of the orphan constituency by providing free transportation to all those who attain 18 years and person’s with disabilities the support for them to get registered should the court rule in favour of the EC on the interlocutory injunction which was served on the EC by the 5 political parties at the high court.

This she said would be one of the moves to if not win the orphan constituency, would at least appreciate the votes of the NDC in the 2024 upcoming elections.

She therefore charges the youths to relate with their constituency and regional executive as to how they can help in executing the plan policies of the party at their various communities.

Lady Ophelia explained that, the 2024 election is not going to be won on a silver platter, hence the youths must see it as a communal work and get involved in delivering the victory come 2024.

She assured the youths of the various tertiary institutions that, she is ever ready to avail herself and support for any TEIN programmes and activities at their various campuses.



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