Lady who says she was allegedly disqualified from GMB for Wearing hijab Zainab Alhassan Writes again

I have been told by some very good friends not to comment on this whole saga, but keeping quiet has never really been my strongest suit. But I’ll give myself a B+ for effort😂.

I posted this thing on my Facebook wall, talking about my experiences with discrimination the auditions was just one of them, bloggers picked up the part that is juicy for them and run with it, that’s not even a problem but if you want to insult me or call me names at least have the sense to read my original post. Ask any blogger if I called anyone to run a story for me, I didn’t, I just posted on my Facebook page like I always do, a quick glance through my timeline will tell you I almost always post what is on my mind.

First of all mark my words, there will be a hijabi in Ghana’s Most Beautiful, it will not be me but someone will and she will make us all proud. Our younger sisters will look at her and say “even if she can wear her hijab and be on such a stage, then I can also do whatever I want to do in this life with my hijab on. It could be a Doctor, Nurse, police, soldier, banker etc. It will be because one “fake Muslim” called Zainab decided to take a stand.


For those asking what I went to do there and a Muslim shouldn’t even attempt such things. Almighty Allah knows my heart and know my reasons, judge me all you want, insult me all you want but guess what, I did it and there’s really nothing you say or do that can change that.

To those of you who said TV3 had a criteria and I did not make it and so I shouldn’t cry foul. Well, it may Interest you to know that TV3 had a picture of a hijabi on their registration portal(attached to this post) also when I registered I sent a picture of me in a hijab, I sent an introductory video of me with my head covered, but they still invited me for auditions. When they even requested to see my face well, I gladly removed the part covering my face but I simply refused to take everything off and that did not go down well with the judges.


As for those who said I just want attention and sympathy. Y’all need to learn some new words, this is not the first reality show I have auditioned for, I have been rejected before, did you see me talk about it no, why? Because my hijab was not even an issue. And there are others that I sailed through, and again my hijab was never an issue. In fact I will be on your screens pretty soon.
So if I’m telling you my hijab was a problem this time around you better believe that to be the truth.

I wanted to pursue a project on child marriage and rape in our communities because GMB is a huge platform. I am waiting for them to share the video soon. That is the unedited verison. You will se how I spoke about it and how I wanted to tackle it. FYI: the fact that I was not given the chance doesn’t mean I plan abandoning this project that is very dear to my heart.

Prince David, one of the judges said I performed poorly and that, I didn’t even make the top ten in my region. We were only 8 from the Upper West during the auditions so how is it that I was not even in the top ten? When we were only 8.

In all this happenings, I am very happy. We will continue with the fight to wear our hijab wherever we want to. From now because of this, employers will think twice before rejecting someone solely because of her hijab and not her intellectual capability and strength.

So by all means keep insulting me, when the day of reckoning comes we will all be there.


I have some amazing family and friends who understand what I stand for, don’t make yourself feel important because those who matter support me.


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