Lakpor D/A Basic studetnts study under death trap; Call on gov’t to come to their aid

Dilapidated classrooms of Lakpor D/A Basic
Dilapidated classrooms of Lakpor D/A Basic

Students of Lakpor D/A Basic School in the Nkwanta North District of the Oti Region are calling on the government to come to their aid.

The students, who expressed their displeasure over the nature of their school building are pleading with the government of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to provide them with a school building.

“Our school building is in a very bad state. We sometimes have to close school when the rains start. We are pleading with the government to help provide us with better classrooms” They said.

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The situation has been in existence for the past few years, with the school authorities reporting to the District Education Directorate, Chiefs and Elders of the Community and other stakeholders but saw no effort in resolving the challenge.

Speaking with some of the teachers in the school, they expressed their disappointment in the leadership of the Directorate together with other stakeholders for neglecting their call for assistance.

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“We have made the necessary calls. We informed the District Directorate together with other necessary stakeholders to come to our aid but no one has ever come forward to assist. The rains will be here soon and we wouldn’t want to close due to that, hence we are doing all we can to raise walls to prevent us from being drenched by the rain” They explained.

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The teachers, together with the students are currently working to raise walls around the classrooms to prevent them from being drenched once the rain starts.

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