Achiase refuse dump in Ejisu cleared after 40 years

The Member of Parliament for Ejisu Constituency who doubles as the Vice Chairman of Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee of the 8th Parliament John Ampontuah Kumah has aided Achiase refuse dump in Ejisu cleared after 40 years.

According to him, sanitation management in Ghana is a major problem that must be handled collectively by all stakeholders.

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John Ampontuah Kumah, in a statement disclosed that, the Chiefs and leaders of Achiase Community in Ejisu approached him with a major sanitation issue of a refuse dump getting out of control and affecting the health of the community. The site has been used as refuse dump for over 40 years and was in centre of the town.


He noted that, the best way to handle refuse in our communities is to establish recycling compost plants in every district or Municipal assembly with strict rules for enforcement but in the absence of that we agreed to dig a big pit and push the refuse inside for natural composting,  after while it will be reused as fertilisation.

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The community led by the Queen Mother and the Assemblyman were grateful for this intervention.

The project was funded 100% by the private sector. He therefore extended his appreciation to Sogood Contractors and other members of Ejisu club 100 for their benevolence.



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