Let’s move politics beyond lies – Prof. Kwaku Oduro

Prof. Kwaku Oduro
Prof. Kwaku Oduro

A Lecturer at the University of Cape, Professor Kwaku Oduro has urged Ghanaian citizens especially politicians t move politics beyond usual lies as being experienced over the years.

In recounting his experiences with close pals, Prof. Kwaku Oduro said, he had an encounter with one of his Christian friends. This friend has always held the view that politicians are liars.

According to him, when he [Prof. Kwaku Oduro] declared his intention to engage in active national politics prior to the 2020 elections, he initially didn’t support his move. He thought politics was going to make him a liar. He [Pro. Kwaku Oduro] engaged him in a long discussion drawing on Biblical and historical characters to prove to him that it is an individual’s orientation and principles that make him a political liar or not.

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“I reminded him that our Lord Jesus Christ, who is an epitome of truth, is the finest and most successful politician ever recorded on earth. If politics is all about service to human being and influencing others to buy into one’s philosophy, then Jesus is unmatchable when it comes to politics.”

“One question I posed which changed his mind and made him support my decision to get into active national politics was ‘why should Christians who hold uphold the truth and are tasked to let their light shine before men decline an opportunity to promote truth through political platform?’ He responded,  ‘You win, my Professor, God be with you’. He has since been following political discourses and engaging me in discussing emerging issues.”

“Yesterday, he called me and quizzed:, ‘Prof, you see what I told you? Have you heard what Nana Addo is saying about the promise his party made to the people of Cape Coast regarding the harbour?”

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“I heard the NPP very clear when Bawumia read out its manifesto. He played the voice of Bawumia on a video and exclaimed:   ‘Eeeeeiiii, politicians can lie oooooo. What leadership role model are we giving our kids? ‘ He concluded: It is through lies like this that the NPP won power. Mahama, lost because he was too truthful’.  In fact, George,  ‘you can’t be a good politician if you can’t confidently tell lies’. My countenance changed and all I could say was ‘Hmmmm, asem ooooo’.”

“My question is, should we continue to use lies as a tool for winning political power? We need to move politics beyond lies.” He explained.

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh


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