Finance Ministry explains delay in financial clearance to recruit Newly Trained Teachers

teacher trainees 

teacher trainees 

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The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has vividly explained the reasons behind the delay in issuing financial clearance to recruit/post Newly Trained Teachers.

In a statement issued by Newly Trained Teachers Forum (NTTF), a group fighting for the posting of Newly Trained Teachers from the Forty-six (46) Accredited Public Colleges of Education has outlined detailed update on their engagement with the Ministry of Finance.

The leadership of the newly Trained Teachers Forum engaged with the Ministry of Finance on Thursday, 21st October,  2021 over the delay in financial clearance to recruit Newly Trained Teachers from Colleges of Education.

After the engagement with the Ministry, the following were the outcome of the meeting;

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The leadership of the group said, upon thorough deliberation with the Deputy Minister of Finance Hon. Abena Asare Osei who is in charge of all financial clearance for employment, she made it clear that, the Ministry of Education presented 40,093 people to be recruited into the Ghana Education Service (GES) which is more than the previous years’ figures. The 40,093 include Teaching and Non Teaching Staff from College of Education and University graduates and so provisions are to be made to include all the said categories and that cause the delay in the recruitment process.


The Deputy Minister of Finance, Hon. Abena Asare Osei assured the Newly Trained Teachers Forum (NTTF) Executives that, all New Qualified Teachers (NQT) will be employed within this year (2021).

According to her, financial clearance will be issued in November and  the process for NQTs recruitment will officially commence. She has therefore promised to do the needful as quick as possible therefore entreating all Newly Qualified Teachers to wait for them to do the necessary arrangements for our portal to be opened which will favour all and sundry.

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Not withstanding the delay in the recruitment process of the Newly Trained Teachers, the Minister said NQTs are still the first priority of government when it comes to employing teachers into the classrooms. “The Finance Ministry and Ministry of Education had an engagement today and our recruitment issue was the topic for their discussion.”


The Minister pleaded to all newly Trained Teachers to accept postings to all places that their services are needed such as rural areas since those places are all part of Ghana and teachers services are mostly needed there.

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The Minister appreciates the patience of all Newly Qualified Teachers as they waited this long without resulting to Demonstrations.

Newly Trained Teachers Forum (NTTF) upon considering all the above said statements entreats all members to wait calmly for all provisions to be made and the recruitment process to commence in the said November.



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