This is what NTC wants Newly Trained Teachers to do before they can be posted and licensed

teacher trainees 
teacher trainees 

Like we have earlier reported, the National Teaching Council (NTC) has reportedly directed Newly Qualified Teachers from the Forty-six (46) Accredited Public Colleges of Education to do an emergency Portfolio Development points for their Portfolio Assessment before they can be posted and licensed by the Ghana Education Service and the National Teaching Council respectively. has intercepted a form designed by the National Teaching Council (NTC) led by Dr. Christian Addai Poku, Registrar to guide the Newly Qualified Teachers doing their one year mandatory National Service for their Portfolio Assessment. The information came barely nine (9) months into the National Service.

According to NTC, the Portfolio Assessment is an evaluation system to assess the work of the newly qualified teachers.


Each Newly Qualified Teacher is to have evidence of more than 600 minutes a term or more than 900 minutes a semester of teaching, confirmed through a letter by his/her Head of school or lead mentor

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NTC has therefore directed the teachers to take note that the portfolio assessment will cover the following areas;


1. Evidence of at least 600 minutes of teaching in a term. It will be confirmed by your Head in a letter

2. Your personal Philosophy of teaching

3. Scheme of learning

4. Learning plans

5. Teaching method

6. Teaching Learning Resources

7. Formative and Summative methods of assessment

8. Identification of Learners learning needs

9. Professional Development

Portfolio Development Points required by teachers on GES Ranks for 3 years Cycle

10. A report of at least 2 co-curricular activities you have taken part.

11. A report on core competence that you use in teaching.

12. 10 samples of learner’s work you have marked and graded.

13. Minutes of 3 formal meetings with your mentor or education officer

14. Evidence of In-service Training workshop

15. Your mentor’s comment on your work

16. Your headteacher’s final recommendation and sign off letter

17. They are asking for reflective teaching.

18 Co-curriculur Activities

19.  Teaching Techniques

20. Teaching Philosophies

21. Assessment Practices

NTC recommended activities for Continuous Professional Development of Teachers

Find attached, the National Teaching Council Portfolio Assessment form for teachers. 



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