NTC frustrating newly trained teachers with unplanned portfolio assessment before GES recruitment 

Dr. Christian Addai Poku, Registrar of NTC
Dr. Christian Addai Poku, Registrar of NTC

Information picked by Coverghana.com.gh suggest that, the National Teaching Council (NTC) led by Dr. Christian Addai Poku, Registrar of NTC is frustrating newly trained teachers with unplanned portfolio assessment ahead of their postings.

According to sources, newly trained teachers doing their mandatory one year National Service have been asked to do an urgent portfolio assessment after nine (9) months of Service without any professional allowances.



The National Teaching Council is mandated by Education Regulators’ Body Act 2020 (ACT 1023) to improve professional standing and status of teachers and to ensure licensing and registration of teachers in Ghana.

As part of its mandate, the Council in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service and and Ministry of Education have announced recommended activities to guide teachers in acquiring Continuous Development Points.

NTC has therefore announced recommended activities classified under seven (7) categories of different points and Portfolio Development Points required by teachers on GES Ranks for 3 years Cycle to guide them in portfolio assessment.


According to NTC definition, Portfolio Assessment is an evaluation system to assess the work of qualified teachers as the primary requirements for the renewal of license.

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NTC said, portfolio assessment will cover the following areas;

1. Evidence of at least 600 minutes of teaching in a term. It will be confirmed by your Head in a letter

2. Your personal Philosophy of teaching

3. Scheme of learning

4. Learning plans

5. Teaching method

6. Teaching Learning Resources

7. Formative and Summative methods of assessment

8. Identification of Learners learning needs

9. Professional Development

10. A report of at least 2 co-curricular activities you have taken part.

11. A report on core competences that you use in teaching.

12. 10 samples of learner’s work you have marked and graded.

13. Minutes of 3 formal meetings with your mentor or education officer

14. Evidence of In-service Training workshop

15. Your mentor’s comment on your work

16. Your head teacher’s final recommendation and sign off letter.


According to NTC’s official statement, the portfolio assessment form is basically meant for Ghana Education Service (GES) Staff. GES Staff here refers to teachers at all levels of the Education system, both public and private sectors including holders of administrative positions.


The answer is NO. National Service Personnel undergoing one year mandatory National Service are solely deployed by the National Service Scheme (NSS) as captured under the Scheme’s Act. The personnel are only attached to educational institutions based on their mood of training and qualifications. This, does not in anyway qualifies them to be called GES Staff, but rather National Service Personnel in the educational sector. If you doubt the explaination that trained teachers doing National Service are not GES staff, then think about the following;

1. Are the current Service Personnel (Newly Trained Teachers) captured under government’s “One Teacher One Teacher Initiative?” The answer is NO.

2. Are the current Service Personnel (Newly Trained Teachers) captured under government’s Professional Development Allowances for GES Staff, which was paid in November 2020 and expected to be paid again in November 2021? The answer is NO. They will captured for Professional Development Allowance after being recruited.

3. Are these Service Personnel identify by the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department and SSNIT as GES Staff? The answer is NO. They are captured under NSS and received a monthly allowance from the scheme.

NOTE: The Service Personnel will only become GES staff after they have been employed/recruited by GES.

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The PD programmes run for a cycle of three (3) years. This implies that every registered teacher has three (3) years to earn the minimum credit points stipulated for his/her level/rank.

According to NTC, every teacher should have at least 34% of the Portfolio Development Points per year. On the average, teachers at levels where the academic calendar operates for three terms (Trimester) shall have a minimum of three supply driven trainings per term
making a total of Nine (9) trainings per year and Twenty-Seven (27) per the 3-year PD cycle.

Similarly, teachers at the levels where academic calendar operates for two terms (Semester basis) shall have a minimum of Six (6) supply driven PDs for a semester, making a total of Twelve (12) per year and 36 per the 3-year.

With the above explanation put out by the National Teaching Council (NTC), it has explicitly excluded National Service Personnel on the basis that, they are not GES staff, neither are they registered teachers, nor have Teachers’ License. What National Service Personnel are expected to have during their service is Provisional License.


The government of Ghana, in collaboration with GES, MoE and NTC have designed a Professional Development Allowance package for teachers to be paid annually. The purpose of this allowance is to help in the professional development of the Ghanaian teacher including Portfolio Assessment. The National Service Personnel are worried because they are not yet captured under the Professional Development Allowance, why then forcefully capture them under portfolio assessment to stampede their recruitment processes?


According to the NTC’s guidelines in writing Licensure Examination and Issuance of Certificate, Prospective Teacher must;

1. pass all final year examination and duly be declared qualified for graduation in order to sit for the NTC Licensure Examination.


2. be enrolled for one year induction/National Service on Provisional License before full license.

3. be awarded full license upon completion of one year Induction/National Service to qualify them for GES employment.

4. That, the Newly Recruited Teacher shall begin Portfolio Development Points for assessment to renew his/her License when issued. Basically, NTC’s guidelines did not say, Prospective Teachers holding Provisional License need portfolio assessment before acquiring full license and even qualifying the for GES postings/recruitment.

NOTE: This means that, the personnel should have been given a Professional License during Service/Induction, where they shall be given full license upon completion of Service/Induction, after which they are required to be assessed on Portfolio Development for renewal in every three years.

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Reports have it that, the 2020 batch of Trained Teachers have been asked to produce complete lesson notes as means of appraisal for them to qualify for Ghana Education Service (GES) recruitment and acquisition of NTC License Certificate. The teachers said, the news is worrying because, majority of head teachers at their schools of service did not give National Service personnel lesson notebooks to enable them write the lesson plans with the reasons that, GES did not include them (National Service Personnel) in lesson notebooks distributed to their schools. As a result, some teachers were not given lesson notebooks to prepare lessons.


1. According to the Service Personnel, teachers who completed Colleges of Education and Universities before 2018 (First batch of Trained Teachers who sat for licensure examination) referred to as in-service teachers on the field will be awarded license without any licensure exams and portfolio assessment yet the National Teaching Council seeks to frustrate the poor Newly Trained Teachers the more on unplanned portfolio assessment.

2. They noted with disappointment that, they started National Service since January 2021 but NTC could not communicate any information about their portfolio assessment until they are left with barely three (3) months to end their Service and barely a month or two ahead for GES to open portal for their recruitment before NTC emerges from nowhere busily talking about unplanned portfolio assessment. “We see this as a plan to deny us recruitment” The teachers said.

3. The Newly Trained Teachers hinted that, NTC has also grouped the Service Personnel into clusters and have assigned them supervisors. Worrying enough, they have been told to prepare and pay a yet to be announced amount of money to the supervisors who will be visiting them for the portfolio assessment from their meager monthly allowances. Meanwhile, their Senior Colleagues thus; 2018 and 2019 batches of Trained Teachers who began this Programme were recruited with the same guidelines outlined by NTC without portfolio assessment. What has changed now? They asked.


According to the Ghana Education Service requirements for postings, a newly trained teacher must;

1. pass all final year examination and must successfully graduate from his/her institution.

2. complete his/her one year mandatory National Service.

3. Successfully pass his/her NTC Licensure Examination.

4. declare intention to teach anywhere his or her services are needed.

With the above requirements, portfolio assessment cannot be a barrier or cannot hinder Newly Trained Teachers recruitment.

With these, the Newly Trained Teachers consider the unplanned NTC Portfolio Assessment as an agenda to frustrate them and make them unemployed.

“The licensure exams we wrote has been discarded and NTC is now threatening that should a personnel get below 60 percent, he or she will be denied postings. We want the whole process suspended and our licenses given us just like it was given to in-service teachers. We want the NTC to treat us just as they treated teaches on the field. We see this to be a deliberate attempt to render trained teachers unemployed. We want the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Minister of Education Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum to come in and help suspend this assessment Programme because it’s not intended to serve the interest of teacher but some other authorities elsewhere.” The Service Personnel told Coverghana.com.gh

In a social media press statement by the leaders of the group, the NTC is advised to desist from the act and focus on it constitutional  mandate devoid of intimidation, frustrations and a rush policy.

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According to the Newly Trained Teachers, they will register their displeasure in an open protest and shall take a legal action against NTC should GES failed to employ them due to the NTC’s unplanned portfolio assessment.

For more information, kindly contact the group leaders on

George – 024 655 812
Prince – 024 964 0016

SOURCE: Coverghana.com.gh



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