Messi Didn’t Push Diego Carlos for Nothing, here’s the Reason

Sevilla vs Barcelona which was played yesterday evening ended goal less with many memories. During the game, Lionel Messi pushed Diego Carlos of Sevilla down with a blow which involved many other players.

The situation got social media on the go, as Real Madrid and Ronaldo fans highly rebuked the referee for not sending the Argentine off.

However, Barcelona supporters explained why Messi pushed the defender to cause that commotion, saying an earlier tackle on the player and a similar one of the striker caused the actions.


The fight happened at the later part of the first half and lasted about 2 to 4 minutes which the referee have to observe from one side. The reactions of the players however, forced the referee to send them into the dressing room.

The second half of the game saw Sevilla coming back to into the game, attacking FC Barcelona on the wings but all the attempts couldn’t find the back of the net and the match ended in a draw for both parties.


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