MLGWUI statement on Appiatse-Bogoso Explosion

Photo of Appiatse-Bogoso community after the explosion
Photo of Appiatse-Bogoso community after the explosion

The Migrant Labour General Workers’ Union International with her education department Finnish-French Migrant Resource Resource Centre (MLGWUI-FFMRC) is concerned and deeply expresses her condolences to the inhabitants and victims members and their families of Appiatse, Bogoso in Ghana on recent Explosion which caused internal death disaster and rendered many inhabitants homeless.

MLGWUI as an organisation concerns human and labour migration, we pray and wish for all these Victims and Displaced Persons as follows:

That, MLGWUI applauds the government’s quick relief initiative both in person and food/materials through NADMO for the Victims and Displaced Persons.


Gold Fields Ghana donates to residents of Appiatse-Bogoso

That, Victims and Displaced Persons should exercise patience in their expectations  from government; not to complain much about government’s support being fast or slow distribution. They should try understand that this is an emergency situation and not budgeted plan;

That, Neighbouring communities, hotels, churches and mosques should try receive and host all Ghanaian and foreign Displaced Persons into their homes irrespective of their tribes, religions, races, colours, occupations or nationalities;

That, Employers in that district and the region should help engaging  Displaced Persons with temporary employment to enable them earn daily wage (if not monthly salary) to take of members of their families;

Appiatse-Bogoso Explosion: Chief Inspector of Mines interdicted

That, Ghana Enterprises Agency as well as Mining companies in area or global organisations  should try as a matter of urgency offer Soft Relief Grant or Loan to affected unskilled workers and farmers at Apiate and its surrounding villages to setup their small ventures;

That, Churches, Islams and Philanthropists and Individuals should try assist the Victims and Displaced Persons in various means;

That, MLGWUI urges Victims and Displaced Persons who may  impromptu and inmotionally trying to migrate to different places of abode to be very cautious against terrorists and travel syndicates in order not full into victim especially in irregular labour migration outside Ghana; and

That, MLGWUI wishes all affected Victims and Displaced Persons well and better life with education and employment.

Appiatse Explosion: Ministry of Information provides preliminary breakdown on affected persons

We wish those who are hospitalised a God’s Care (through Doctors and Nurses in charge of treatment) and a Speedy Recovery.

May God and His Angles  in Heaven Receive the Perished Souls! AMEN!

SIGNED by Justice Baako NTARMAH, General Secretary and Head of Education in International Relations



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