Mohammed Salah Biography: Age, Parents, Siblings, Wife, Children, Nationality

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah Biography

Mohamed Salah is a professional footballer from Egypt, who has scored 121 goals with 47 assists. He is best known for playing forward and wins in the premier league and Liverpool respectively.

Mohammed Salah is also known for being one of the greatest African footballers for his speed, dribbling and finishing. He started playing football as a kid and in 2017, he was named the African Footballer of the Year by BBC and CAF.


Mohamed Salah’s age/How old is Mohammed Salah?

Mohammed Salah was born on June 15, 1992, in Nagrig, Egypt. Mohamed Salah is 30 years old as of June 15,2022.

Mohamed Salah’s parents

Mohamed Salah’s parent is Salah Ghally.

Mohamed Salah’s siblings

Mohamed Salah has one sibling called Nars Mohamed.

Mohamed Salah’s wife

Mohamed Salah is married to the beautiful and humbled Magi Salah who is also a biotechnologist.

Mohamed Salah’s children

Mohamed Salah has two beautiful girls Makka Mohamed Salah and Kayan Mohamed Salah.

Mohamed Salah’s nationality is Mohamed Salah an African?

Mohamed Salah is an Egyptian. And Egypt is located in Africa.



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