MPs performance ranking table for 2022 released

Parliament of Ghana
Parliament of Ghana

The ranking table of performance for Members of Parliament (MPs) in the 8th Parliament of Ghana which started on 7th January, 2021 has been published for the perusal of the electorates and the general public.

Members of Ghana’s Eighth Parliament assumed the reigns of power on 7th January, 2021 after been elected in the 2020 general elections.

As usual, the electorates /or general public must comprehend the whims and caprices of government therefore, their engagements on the tasks their leaders have started, completed, about to start, about to end, including the promises must studied and recorded for assessment purposes.


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A study was conducted to assess the performance of the 275 Members of Parliament since their assumption of power. The constituents formed the bedrock of evaluating the Members of Parliament.


Consequently, all the respondents sampled for evaluating each Member of Parliament were voters in the constituency represented by the Member of Parliament in question.

The study evaluated the following benchmarks in adjudicating the
performance of the Members of Parliament:

  1. Frequency of visits to constituency. 
  2. Nature of visits to constituency. 
  3. Projects executed by legislators. 
  4. Location of the projects. 
  5. Constituents’ expectations of the MP. 
  6. Parliamentarians’ activities liked by constituents. 
  7. Legislators’ activities disliked by constituents. 
  8. Constituents’ ability to communicate with their Member of Parliament.

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Respondents from each constituency were asked to assess and rank the performance of their respective Member of Parliament per the above-stated criteria from a scale of 1% to 100%.

They were also asked to nominally rate their respective parliamentarians from
‘Excellent’ to ‘Very bad’.

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Attached is what the study found (PDF file)



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