Mr. Kofi Asare questions why Gov’t feeds Colleges of Education students

Mr. Kofi Asare, the executive director for African Education watch
Mr. Kofi Asare, the executive director for African Education watch

The executive director for African Education watch Mr. Kofi Asare has joined the conversation surrounding threats to close down Colleges of Education in the country.

There are several media reports indicating that Colleges of Education in the country are threatening to shut down due to lack of funds to cool for students.

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Commenting on the issue, Mr. Kofi Asare questioned where in the world the country or state feed tertiary students even though there are still students in schools learning under trees.

In a post, Mr. Kofi Asare who is the executive director for African Education watch said;

“Colleges of Education threatening to shut down because of no cash for food since schools re-opened in January? Apparently a part of the teacher trainee allowance is used for cooking food for students. So because of food, you will shut down an institution of higher learning?

Where in this World is it best practice for tertiary students to be fed by the state, when some basic school students learn under trees and on the floor?


Why are we doing this to ourselves?”

As usual, some Ghanaians have been reacting to the comments made by Mr. Kofi Asare.

What’s wrong when tertiary students receive that little allowance for training..

Do you know the allowance Force workers take? Government officials take? Mps take? Civil servant take? Upon their huge salaries?

Go and attack them and not the teacher.

You think it’s easy to be a teacher err…. If it’s that easy.. Why didn’t you be one

Putting politics aside, the abolishing of the allowance by the previous NDC was laudable enough, how can you feed tertiary students and pay them allowances additionally.

Hmm, hard truth but some apparent non discerning Ghanaians will politicize and talk rμbbish without the deep thought it deserves.

Even if the they were fed without allowances, it would have been a bit okay given the economic difficulties faced by the state.



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