Music is a tool, let’s use it for positive change – Planett Machette

Planett Machette
Planett Machette

Planett Machette, known in real life as Bless Yaw Tumaku has urged his fellow musicians to use music to bring positive change to the world.

The “Wo Vorvorm” hit maker in a Facebook post indicated that, he won’t be releasing any song unless it preaches positivity and moral uprightness.

In expressing his ordeal with a 12 year old boy who expressed joy in meeting him, Planett indicated that, his lyrics could be influencing young folks wrongly.


According to him, he tried finding out from the young lad what his favourite line of his was and he mentioned a line from his “Semetins” single, released some years ago.

According to the lad, his favourite line was “what be your hobby, aha yee me nona”. To wit, “what is your hobby, I only drink alcohol”.

According to Planett Machette, his profession as a teacher won’t permit him to teach them what is wrong hence his decision to only release songs that teach moral uprightness.

The 27 year old hip-hop artist is a professional teacher, trained at the St. Francis Xavier College of Education- Hohoe.

He has “Wo Vorvorm”, “Semetins” among other singles to himself, with his latest project being the “Death to Ziliaris Caviler EP” released in 2022.

Planett Machette is signed onto the Konda Empire (KE) record label and based in the Volta Region.



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