Muslims and Christians Governors in Nigeria

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Muslim and Christian Governors in Nigeria

Religion and ethnicity has become the subject matter of our every day engagements.

What’s sad is that, we have so busied ourselves with these thoughts instead of engaging our political leaders on how they intend to address the issues of insecurity, power, education, economy and so on.

Unfortunately, it’s the children of the poor who fancy this kinds of discussion. While children of the rich discuss world class business ideas and investments exploits using our common resources, we busy ourselves arguing about why it must be a Muslim-Christian ticket, or why it must be a Southerner and not a Northerner, or why we are Atikulated and not Obidient as if any of these sentiments guarantee’s good – governance.


This practice of who becomes a leader specifically governor is dominant in Nigeria., in its quest to settle the dust did a fact-check on Muslim and Christian Governors in Nigeria.


Below are our findings Muslim and Christian Governors in Nigeria.

How many Muslims and Christians Governors are in Nigeria? 

Political Facts:

1. There is only one Muslim Governor in the whole southern Nigeria, Gov. Oyetola of Osun out of 17 states.

2 . There are only two Muslim Deputy Governors in the whole southern Nigeria.

3. In the North, there are four Christian Governors out of 19 states.

4. There are eight Christian deputy Governors out of 19 states.

5. There are 20 Christian Governors and 16 Muslim Governors in Nigeria.

6. There are 23 Christian Deputy Governors and 13 Muslim Deputy Governors in Nigeria.

With all these, many individuals in Nigeria are still shouting of Islamization agenda. Some believe that, there’s Christianization agenda of the south.



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