My life is in Danger after my image was used by NPP for their Campaign

Mr. Nicholas Yeye, a member of the Nation Builders Corps, NABCO who’s image was used to campaign by the New Patriotic Party prior to the 2020 general election has indicated that his life is in Danger.

Speaking in an interview monitored by CoverGhana, Nicholas Yeye stated that some persons have been threatening him after his image was used to campaign by the New Patriotic Party.

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Sometimes, I will be in the room, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday without going out because l am afraid if I step out I don’t know what will happen to me. The moment they see you they are angry and they want to beat you because you are part of the reasons why they are suffering. Sometimes they will call you and threaten you.”


“My major challenge is the threat. So any time have to go out I have to put on a nose mask and sometimes a cap so that I have to disguise myself.

“Sometimes my wife will tell me where I am going, if I have the money I should take Uber” Nicholas Yeye said in an interview on TV3.

According to him, he did not know that his image was going to be used by the Party to campaign as he was just paid a meager amount of GH¢300.



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