Nana Agradaa’s repentance is a scam – Mathias Tulasi

Patience Asiedua, popularly known as Nana Agradaa
Patience Asiedua, popularly known as Nana Agradaa

Mr. Mathias Tulasi, the Chief Executive Officer of Literacy Ambassadors Ghana (LAG), a Non-Governmental literacy organisation, has referred to the public pronouncement by Nana Agradaa as a repented person as nothing but just a scam.

Mr. Mathias Tulasi has said so in his reaction to the recent video by Nana Agradaa claiming she is now an evangelist of the Lord Almighty.

“This country should not be turned into a country of scams. There’s the need for all of us to nip fraud in any form in the bud.”


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“There were ugly instances in the past like DKM, US Tilapia, Safeway, Little Drop, Men’s Gold etc in which a lot of people became poorer and even died out of severe poverty and frustration.”

“Regrettably, after many years of duping unsuspecting Ghanaians and making several properties from it, Nana Agradaa, due to her recent arrest and knowing very well the consequences ahead, decides to do a sharp turn to claim she is now an evangelist.”

He said, it is interesting she indicated in her fake video that she would be destroying her shrine in the coming days. It is surprising, she never mentioned doing the same to the properties she acquired from the fraudulent activities. The state needs to seize all her properties acquired from her dubious profession.


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“In fact, Nana Agradaa must be made to refund all monies she duped from her clients as a sign of her true repentance, and stop deceiving Ghanaians with such cunning pretense. It is equally surprising the media gives her such serious attention but doesn’t do the same for very serious issues which bedevil this country in all sectors, particularly, issues regarding education.”

“I will be very disappointed if Nana Agradaa is not compelled to pay back monies she stole from unsuspecting people who had a get-rich-quick mindset, for which they sought her services. She should be guided by the example of Zacchaeus in the Bible, who, after duping people through taxation, refunded their monies on his day of salvation.”

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He finally said, Nana Agradaa should stop deceiving herself that she is now an evangelist because she is not one yet.



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