Nelisa (BB Titans) Biography, Age, Nationality, Occupation, Net Worth

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Nelisa is a female Entrepreneur from South South specifically from Durban. She was announced as the 5th housemate of BB Titans, a home isolated programme telecasted to the world.

The Johannesburg-based babe Nelisa has a charming face with an attractive sense which is the focal point of many. The cute damsel is ever ready to roll with a guy her heart pleases because she is single at the time she joined the home isolated show.

She will be awarded $10,000 as a prize if she turns out to be the winner.

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Who is Nelisa (BB Titans)?

Nelisa is the fifth housemate in the BB Titans home isolated television programme. She is the cute damsel from Durban, South Africa.

Nelisa (BB Titans) Age

Nelisa of BB Titans is 25 years old as of January 2023.


Nelisa (BB Titans) Nationality 

Nelisa of Big Brother Titans also known as BB Titans is a South African national.

Some Fast Facts About 

  • Nelisa of BB Titans is an Entrepreneur.
  • She hails from Durban in South Africa.
  • She is the fifth (5th) housemate on the home-isolated television programme dubbed Big Brother Titans commonly referred to as BB Titans.
  • Recently, Nelisa is based in Johannesburg.
Name  Nelisa
Age 25 years
Nationality South African, Durban, South Africa
Spouse  Not Married
Occupation  Entrepreneur
Net Worth  $1,000


Nelisa (BB Titans) Occupation

The fifth (5th) housemate of BB Titans Nelisa works as an Entrepreneur.

Nelisa (BB Titans) Net Worth

Nelisa of BB Titans’ isolated home programme has a net worth of $1,000. Her net worth is believed to be garnered from her Entrepreneurial career including other things she does.

Nelisa (BB Titans) State of Origin 

Nelisa hails from Durban, South Africa. She was born in South Africa in the late 1990s.



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