New labeling requirements for imported and exported Food Products


The Ghana Shipping Authority has announced its latest labeling requirements for imported and exported Food Products.

According to the Ghana Shipping Authority, the updated labeling requirements is to effectively and efficiently protect and promote the interest of shippers in Ghana’s commercial shipping sector in relation to international trade.

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Management believes that, when the new directives are strictly adhere to, it will providing shipping solutions to the shipping sector in Ghana.

Below are the new labeling requirements for imported and exported Food Products.

1. Name of product

2. List of ingredients in Food

3. List of active ingredients and their levels in drugs

4. Date of manufacturing and Expiry date/best before/Use by date in respect of food

5. Date of manufacturing and expiry date in respect of drugs

6. Storage conditions

7.Instructions or directions for use

8. Net content

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9. Name and address of manufacturer

10. Country of origin

11. Date of manufacture

12. Batch/Lot number

13. Electro-technical or chemical; characteristics for goods other than food and drugs

14. The trade mark or brand name shall not be substituted for the name of a food



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